Thursday, January 4, 2018

Drag365: Show #4- Wabbit Hole Wednesdays at ICON

Day: Wednesday, January 3rd  

Show: Wabbit Hole Wednesdays 

Location: ICON

Queens Seen: Whendy Whaxwood (@whendywhaxwood), Aria Derci (@ariadercibaby)

Following a viewing party of “The Amazing Race 30”, it was time for Wabbit Hole Wednesdays. The twist of the night? Regular host Gilda Wabbit was out, with guest host Whendy Whaxwood filling in. Simply for alliteration, could there be a better substitute guest host? With a little help from DJ and fellow queen Aria Derci, Wabbit Hole Wednesdays was in good hands. Whendy brings theater to her shows, usually with a twist. Just take her “The Stuff” mix. She intersperses the song from “Reefer Madness” with ridiculous 9-1-1 clips from callers on the stuff. It’s a riot of a number, just ask incognito Thorgy Thor, who stuck around after watching friends Chris and Trevor on “The Amazing Race 30!” She even got #TeamWellStrung’s Chris to dance and lip sync alongside her during the Shoshana Bean number. The set is broken up with an intermission and costume change, as well as some numbers from the DJ. This was my first time seeing Aria Derci. She’s something refreshing to say the least. Aria Derci’s numbers included a fabulous Gilda Radner number and a brilliant rendition of “Carousel” from Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris. Who does Jacques Brel?! Aria Derci that’s who! It’s always fun to see a drag queen rib the crowd. It’s especially funny when a queen roasts you. And Whendy easily roasted me! Whendy Whaxwood’s quick wit makes her quite the queen.
Whendy Whaxwood was a wonderful fill in for Gilda. Follow her on social media to find out where else you can see her. And be sure to visit ICON next week for the return of Gilda Wabbit.