Thursday, January 4, 2018

Drag365: Show #3- Miss Rockbar Presents at Rockbar

Coco Taylor // photo by Michael Block
Day: Tuesday, January 2nd 

Show: Miss Rockbar Presents

Location: Rockbar

Queens Seen: Coco Taylor (@cocotaylornyc)

Coco Taylor began her new weekly show Miss Rockbar Presents to a warm crowd of fans and friends alike. The reigning Miss Rockbar brings a little bit of Broadway and a lot of bit of funny to her show. Being the debut show, Coco made the night all about herself. In future installments, she will invite guest queens to kiki with Coco. Examining her set list, it’s evident that Coco Taylor is a theater queen at heart. She started the night off with a spark performing a little “Magic to Do” and littering elements of the Great White Way into her mixes. And don’t worry, the mixes were a-plenty. Coco’s ability to know her crowd manifested through the inclusion of clips in her mixes. As a theater girl, Coco placed an intermission into her show, soon returning with a brand new look. While most queens play a generic audience game, Coco included a little interview segment, which will carry through into future shows. Normally, Coco will interview her guests, but since this was the inaugural show, she brought People Magazine’s Dave Quinn in to interview her. It was a refreshing segment that broke the evening up. Coco has a spunk to her. While she may not be a split and death drop queen, she’s unafraid to somersault through the bar, even if it means losing a boob.
If you haven’t heard of Coco Taylor before, now you have. You can check her out every Tuesday at 9:00pm at Rockbar for Miss Rockbar Presents. And if you’re lucky and she does her Waitress mix, you might even get a Pop Tart! Sadly, I did not.