Friday, January 12, 2018

Drag365: Show #12- Legend Wednesdays at Rise

Aquaria // photo by Michael Block
Day: Wednesday, January 10th 

Show: Legend Wednesdays  

Location: Rise

Queens Seen: Aquaria (@ageofaquaria), Bootsie LeFaris (@thebootsielefaris), Ephiphany (@epiphanygetpaid)

Bootsie LeFaris // photo by Michael Block
Every bar has at least one high profile drag show on their weekly rotation. For Rise Bar, it’s Legend Wednesdays. The poster has a quartet of queens as their hosts but the night I was there, two were MIA due to other gigs (Marti Gould Cummings was being international in Amsterdam while Brenda Dharling was downtown with Holly Dae). On this Legend Wednesdays, we had Aquaria and Bootsie LeFaris with special guest Epiphany. While there was little of the trio on stage together, each brought their own brand to the evening. Bootsie is an exceptional host. She is quick on her feet and has innate ability to read the room, even if she deems it too small for her liking. Aquaria on the other hand may be a little flimsy on the mic, as she hosted a runway game, she is a look and performance queen ahead of the game. Just look at her Instagram. There is no one who can turn out a look quite like her. She’s a drag chameleon. Her three looks at the show were extraordinarily distinct. Her Vegas showgirl get up was divine. Epiphany can easily be described as a cheerful pessimist. Her smiles shines bright, but when she speaks, be afraid of what will come out! She’s quite a comedian and was a good foil for Bootsie and Aquaria.
Epiphany // photo by Michael Block
Legend Wednesdays is billed as an interactive drag revue. What is an interactive drag revue you ask? Well, I actually don’t think I could answer that. To me, this show was exactly like every other drag show you would attend in the city. There’s no more or less interaction between performer and audience. Maybe the most interactive part is that no matter where you are in the bar, you can still see the show as it is streamed on the televisions throughout. Nevertheless, Legend Wednesdays is a great place to go to see exceptional drag queens at a bar with a rare late night drink special. It’s no secret that we may be seeing Aquaria on our television screens real soon. Don’t miss your chances to see her before she travels the world after her rise to fame.