Friday, January 12, 2018

Drag365: Show #11- Petra Fried Presents: Allegra Spread at Rockbar

Allegra Spread // photo by Michael Block
Day: Wednesday, January 10th 

Show: Petra Fried Presents: Allegra Spread 

Location: Rockbar

Queens Seen: Allegra Spread (@allegradrag), Jessie James (@jessiejamesny), Cream Victoria (@reginastargazer)

Jessie James // photo by Michael Block
Cream Victoria // photo by Michael Block
While Petra Fried is away, a special guest host gets to grace the stage at Rockbar. This night was hosted by the professional asshole herself (a term of endearment she personally deemed) Allegra Spread! Joined by Jessie James and Cream Victoria, the audience spent the night watching some fascinating numbers, from sultry to bonkers, as Allegra urged everyone to leave tips with her dear friend, Filma Box, her clever tip bucket with her name on it. She begins her two act set with a live sung rendition of “Nowadays” from Chicago. It’s a number that has great weight on many levels. Nowadays, it seems everyone is a performer, but not everyone has the poise and confidence that Allegra has. Even with a tiny crowd, Allegra was welcoming, ensuring each member was a part of her experience. Both Jessie and Cream Victoria were rotated into the set, showing off their greatest assets. Jessie James looked like a Twisted Sister Princess. Rock on the top, innocent on the bottom. Jessie’s in-your-face essence as a performer translates in her numbers. They have an edge to them while maintaining the drag integrity. This was my first time seeing Cream Victoria and boy does she bring a show with her! In both sets, Cream Victoria had an apropos costume that matched her mix. She got us high in her first number while she defiled pasta in her second.
Whether she intentionally integrated the thematic elements of mother issues or they all just so happened to fall into place, Petra Fried Presents: Allegra Spread had a desirable cohesion some shows lack nowadays. Allegra and friends left you wanting more. Maybe we didn’t need that intermission. Maybe we needed that extra number or two to cover up the costume changes. Nevertheless, I’m excited to see what Allegra Spread does next because she sure spreads joy!