Tuesday, September 10, 2019

DragCon NYC 2019: The Looks from the Pink Carpet

DragCon NYC 2019 has concluded but the looks from the Pink Carpet will live on forever! We spent three days from opening to close with all of the incredible artists who graced the Javits Center! Did you miss all the fun this year? Better snag those tickets to DragCon UK, DragCon LA, or DragCon NYC when they go live at rupaulsdragcon.com! Or just listen to your favorite podcast, Block Talk! We will have a special DragCon NYC episode of Block Talk dropping soon. Download and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, or Stitcher to be the first to know when it airs! Here is just a sampling of the photos from the three day extravaganza! 

All photos courtesy of Leala Grindstaff


Divina de Campo (Drag Race UK)

Scardy Kat (Drag Race UK)

Gothy Kendoll (Drag Race UK)

Blu Hydrangea (Drag Race UK)

Vinegar Strokes (Drag Race UK)

Sum Ting Wong (Drag Race UK)

Baga Chipz (Drag Race UK)

The Vivienne (Drag Race UK)

Crystal (Drag Race UK)

Cheryl Hole (Drag Race UK)


Heidi Haux, Lindsey Kay, Michael Block, Audrey Phoenix

Coco Taylor

Scott Curley

Ritzy Bitz

Bombalicious Eklaver

Art Simone

Tiffany Anne Coke and Lolita Golightly

Erika Klash (Dragula)

Audrey Phoenix

Gigi Deetz

Megami (Winner of DragCon's Cosplay for Your Life)

India Ferrah (Drag Race)

Fifi DuBois

Kahanna Montrese (Drag Race)

Avant Garbage

Bombalicious Eklaver

Nicole Onoscopi

Selma Nilla

Chelsea Piers

Pussy Willow and Jesse Kramer

Ritzy Bitz

Jasmine Rice LaBeija

Tina Twirler

Blair Bitch

Glamda the Fabulous

Boyish Charm

Lady Camden

Elektra Lite

Vinegar Strokes (Drag Race UK)

Maddelynn Hatter (Dragula)


Kiki Ball-Change

Lagoona Bloo

Twinky Boots


Scout Sonner



T Rex

Wigs by Conor, BFlare, Roshoshana Bean

Desiree Dik

Logan Stone

Jasmine Rice LaBeija

Strawberry Fields

Mrs. Kasha Davis (Drag Race)

Virginia Thicc



Jacklynn Hyde

Angela Mansberry

Sleigher and Tony Boca Slater

Cissy Walken

Audrey Phoenix and Heidi Haux

Selma Nilla

Bombalicious Eklaver

Adriana Trenta

Tiffany Anne Coke and Nicole Onoscopi

Violencia Exclamation Point (Dragula) and St. Lucia (Dragula)

Bella Noche

Lolita Golightly

Christina Taylor