Friday, November 2, 2018

Review: Boudoir's Fabulous Coven

By Michael Block 

She’s like the energizer bunny. I’ve famously called her the Roomba of Drag on an episode of Block Talk. If you’ve never seen Boudoir LeFleur, you’re doing yourself a extreme disservice. Hosting a haunting Pre-Halloween treat, The Witches Rumble is entertainment spectacular hosted New York’s premiere drag witch.
photo by Michael Block
Offering a Halloween spoon, Boudoir LeFleur brings the dark magic to the Laurie Beechman stage as she throws herself across the floor to classic rock, pop divas, and a little Broadway. The Witches Rumble takes the darkness of the season and thrusts it on stage with a sexy spin.  If you’re looking for a cabaret with a semblance of a through-line, you won’t find it here. Instead, you get a stellar lineup showcasing their best. Boudoir is an effortless host, as she brings some dry wit. When she performs, she goes 150%. She’s unafraid to risk her body for the sake of the stage. Joining Boudoir is her Assassin sister Kimmi Moore, Drag powerhouse Honey Davenport, Winnifred Sanderson impersonator extraordinaire Jennica McClearly, and former American Idol standout and Broadway superstar Diana DeGarmo. The diverse lineup fit the mood of the evening as they combined live singing, dance, and burlesque. If you’ve been hiding under a rock, you've been missing out on Diana DeGarmo. DeGarmo is the real deal. Singing a pair of numbers from her upcoming album, DeGarmo is a vocal femme fatale. Her voice is a knockout of seductive poison, quite like her song. Jennica McClearly easily proved why she’s a premiere Winnifred Sanderson impersonator. If you’d never seen her before, McClearly brings a dose of burlesque to the character, and it’s everything. Assassin sister Kimmi Moore delivers an original track, but her highlight comes as she shares the stage with Boudoir for a lip sync dance duet. Honey Davenport serves exceptional looks, but stops the show with her emotion-filled rendition of “Angel Down” by Lady Gaga.
The Witches Rumble is a holiday treat among the many Halloween tricks at other venues in the city. Boudoir LeFleur concocts the right potion to captive an audience all night long.