Saturday, April 7, 2018

Drag365: Show #74- Legend Wednesdays at Rise

Aquaria // photo by Michael Block
Day: Wednesday, March 14th      

Show: Legend Wednesdays

Location: Rise

Queens Seen: Aquaria (@ageofaquaria), Brenda Dharling (@bdharling), Marti Gould Cummings (@martigcummings)

Brenda Dharling, Marti Gould Cummings, Aquaria // photo by Michael Block
Only legends allowed at Rise on Wednesdays. The interactive revue show was on fire as Aquaria, Brenda Dharling, and Marti Gould Cummings entertained the thirsty crowd. After a group megamix to start the night, the three queens each brought their own solo numbers to the stage. Aquaria brought out her work mix and her stupid girl mix, Marti did a little Patti LuPone and "Fabulous", and Brenda rounded it out with "Sorry Not Sorry" and her Celine mix. These three NYC legends gave a show with an array of styles, which allowed this show to strike the right chords for everyone. Legend Wednesdays is a fast-paced hour-long show. You're in and you're out, as they leave you wanting more. The only woe about Rise's show is sometimes their clientele can be a little, well, rude. Sure, space can be limiting. But if you have a table for at least four in the very front hugging the stage and you and your friends want to stand and dance along, perhaps it's best to hop to the back of the bar and let those who would like to watch watch rather than impeding everyone's view. But I suppose that's the price you pay for ridiculously good drink specials. If you can snag a spot early enough or don't mind watching the show from the monitors, Legend Wednesdays is an enjoyable quick and dirty night of drag.