Monday, April 2, 2018

Drag365: Show #71- Bawdy Bingo at Albatross

Gilda Wabbit // photo by Michael Block
Day: Tuesday, March 13th      

Show: Bawdy Bingo

Location: Albatross

Queens Seen: Gilda Wabbit (@gildawabbit), Misty Mountains (@mistymountainsnyc)

Misty Mountains // photo by Michael Block
Over at Bawdy Bingo, there's fun and games and of course a show. But what makes this little bingo show different is the community feel at Albatross. Whether all the regulars are there or not, hostesss Gilda Wabbit ensures you're a part of the family. Joining Gilda's bingo family for the night was none other than Misty Mountains, now known as DJ Mossy Knolls. Sprinkling in some live singing throughout the night, Gilda guides the crowd through four rounds of bingo. The winner of each round gets their shot at spinning the prize wheel which includes such prizes as a shot, a drink, a bottle of wine, and of course, a cash prize. As a competitive person, I had to have my hand in each round. Sadly, Gilda did not call my balls and made me a four-time loser. It wouldn't be a Gilda Wabbit show if it didn't include live singing. While she busted out the classics, it was her special guest that surprised the crowd with a live singing country tuner of her own. The Gilda fans clamored for her classics, including the wickedly naughty parody of "Defying Gravity" entitled "Double Penetration," Misty debuted a new sex-ed mix, featuring an array of freshly unpackaged, or so she said, toys. If there's one thing that's true about this show, the title doesn't shy away from the truth! Bawdy Bingo is everything that it claims to be.