Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Drag365: Show #64- Magical Mondays at ICON

Boudoir LeFleur // photo by Michael Block
Day: Monday, March 5th     

Show: Magical Mondays

Location: ICON

Queens Seen: Boudoir LeFleur (@drag.witchbitch), Jessie James (@jessiejamesnyc), Amelia Reasons (@ameliareaons92), Sherry Poppins (@its.sherrypoppins)

Amelia Reasons // photo by Michael Block
Every Monday night at ICON, the witchy one, Boudoir hosts Magical Mondays. Bringing dark magic and hair whips with her giant 80s curls, Boudoir dances the house down until she can no longer stand. Spoiler alert, she's on the floor seconds into the night. As the official Roombo of Drag, Boudoir provides a night of endless entertainment as she performs some non-typical genres for a drag show including a Heart medley and a Prince mix. Joining in on the fun on this magical evening, Boudoir welcomed a wickedly talented cast of characters. Visiting all the way from Orlando, Jenny Reverent got the crowd going with two burlesque numbers, one of which was a Winnifred Sanderson strip. If you ever wondered what Winnie wore underneath all those layers, Jenny broke the surprise. Jessie James, bowler gap and all, dazzled the crowd with her Pokemon mix that reveals her name. The true darling of the night was Amelia Reasons, who made her second appearance in drag ever. She dazzled the crowd with her Gaga dance mix. The other star of the show was drunk Mary Kerry, as Boudoir labeled her. She was a drunk straight woman who couldn't keep her hands off the hostess and loved to stop the show dead in its tracks. It's likely that Boudoir's Gypsy mix, which featured an indragneto cameo from Sherry Poppins, cast a spell on her as Mary Kerry was never heard from again.
While the energy may be low in between songs as Boudoir attempts to catch her breath on the floor, the energy is supreme as she makes every nook and cranny of the venue hers. If she hasn't thrown herself up against it, she hasn't found it yet. If you're looking for a home cleaning service, I suggest you call Boudoir, put on some music, and watch her clean your home as she sweeps the floor to the beat of the music.