Saturday, March 17, 2018

Drag365: Show #63- Drag Brunch at La Pulperia

Ritzy Bitz, Nicole Onoscopi, Rose // photo by Michael Block
Day: Sunday, March 4th           

Show: Drag Brunch   

Location: La Pulperia

Queens Seen: Ritzy Bitz (@msritzybitz), Nicole Onoscopi (@nicoleonscopi), Rosé (@rosewithanaccent)

It's Sunday morning. What do most millennials do in NYC? Go to brunch! But rather than just a typical, boring, average brunch. Why not go to brunch where there's a show! Every Sunday at their Hell's Kitchen restaurant, La Pulperia hosts a drag brunch with the one and only Ritzy Bitz. Ritzy is eager to jumpstart your day as you sip on your endless mimosas and eat your delicious entrees. Joining her on this particular Sunday was Rosé and Nicole Onoscopi. This show marked the official first booking for Nicole, a rising drag baby on the scene. So what makes a drag brunch different from a typical drag show? The sun is out. Just because it's daytime doesn't mean the performers will hold anything back. Curse words will fly and raunchiness is in full throttle. But it's not like the table of sixteen-year-old girls haven't been exposed to any of this before! Ritzy has an infectious hosting ability. Her biting "don't give a fuck" attitude is just right for this crowd. They live and laugh along. She caters to the needs and desires of the brunch crowd providing them with mixes and songs that fit the Broadway and Top 40 boxes, while still putting her own flair within. There aren't many things better than Ritzy's "Do It Alone" mix. With the Chicago tuner as the skeleton, Ritzy drops in some iconic dance hooks that get the crowd bopping about. When she relinquished the spotlight to her special guests, both Rosé and Nicole brought their own unique brand of kooky. Rosé served the crowd her classic numbers including her "Bad Singer" mix and her "Mama" mix. Nicole, branded as a Disney Channel reject queen by the girls at the front table, gave some Hannah Montana "Rockstar" as well as her insanely funny "disability" mix and her "colonoscopy" mix.
Drag Brunches are a dime a dozen nowadays. But a good, well-rounded drag brunch? That may be like finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily La Puperia and Ritzy Bitz are a match made in heaven. You need a little spice and a little kick to pair with their menu and boy does Ritzy deliver! You're certain to have a lot of fun as this is breakfast theater at its finest.