Friday, March 2, 2018

Drag365: Show# 52- Get Happy Hour at Pieces

Vita Summers // photo by Michael Block
Day: Saturday, February 24th             

Show: Get Happy Hour  

Location: Pieces

Queens Seen: Vita Summers (@vitasummers), Lauren Odair (@laurenodair), Mama Mela

Lauren Odair // photo by Michael Block
It’s Saturday which means it’s time for Get Happy Hour at Pieces! Or as this Saturday was retitled, what’s inside Vita Summers’ closet! A lively crowd filled Pieces as they escaped the rain for Vita’s little stunt show. Joined by special guests Lauren Odair and Mama Mela, the show was filled with their best. Mamma Mela spent her day using it as a platform to raise money for the Gay Men’s Chorus. And the tips flew straight to her! Vita and Lauren used most of the afternoon showing off their insane pipes. Vita sang Celine, while throwing some light shade toward someone who would grace the stage later that evening in another show. Lauren Odair sang “Let’s Hear It For the Boy” and a little ditty from Aida. But their duets were some of the most beautiful things you might ever hear. Whether it was their “Get Happy/Happy Days” duet or their Dollar Duet to “It’s All Coming Back to Me,” they left you begging for more. It wouldn’t be a drag show if there weren’t surprises. Two “famous” faces, and by famous I mean people in the scene, came and left their mark. Logan Hardcore stole a mic and recounted a recent Get Happy Hour where she accidently punched Vita in the face. The dynamic between Logan and Vita is 100% hilarious. The other surprise was indragnito Cherry Poppins who sang a lovely duet with Vita. How could they not sing “Suddenly Seymour?” Vita is one of those queens who can do it all. She can tell a joke, she can twirl, she can belt, and she can turn a look. She brought so many looks with her, but it was her leotard that lit up that won the night. She turned on the green lights for Lorde’s “Green Lights” and it was everything.
Vita Summers can make a rainy day seem bright. A show truly is determined by the energy of a crowd. If the crowd is eager for a show, the performers are eager to entertain. Lucky for us, Vita had an audience living for all the shenanigans she had to offer.