Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Review: GOOD JOB!

By Michael Block 

They’re Two Tuckers and they’re back at The Duplex for another night of some original music and some cross dressing. The wild and crazy stage duo of Golden Delicious and Tucker bring their original flair for an evening you’ve likely never experienced before. Two Tuckers is more variety show than cabaret with a whole lot of gay.
He’s a little bit singer-songwriter, she’s a little bit glamazon, but together they are Two Tuckers. In their third iteration of their titular show at The Duplex, they bring the audience along on a tour of their favorite hits. From their original titular theme to “Golden’s Golden Rules” to original songs and mixes, if you’re a fan, you’re in luck. Right off the bat, this duo has a chemistry that surrounds the space with an entertaining energy. Scripted or not, their quick wit and ability to riff off of one another is endearing. And those transitions? They may be hard, but to call them out allows the comedy to remain present. Since the show doesn’t necessarily have a story through line, Two Tuckers is more like a celebration of two talents, both individually and as a unit. Tucker is a pop superstar in the making. His songwriting prowess is uncanny. And that voice? It’s like butter, as Golden’s favorite diva would say. While the duo’s songs usually contain more of a comedic, earworm worthy aesthetic, his solo numbers have top 40 radio written all over them. Golden is a drag queen who knows the importance of a tight lip sync. It’s one thing to know how to make a mix and be funny on stage. It’s another selling it fully. She looks stunning, and yet there’s an awkward charm to her presence. She knows how beautiful she is, as her mix says, but her persona is learning just what it means to be a 7-foot-tall beauty queen.
photo by Michael Block
Give or take, each iteration of Two Tuckers features a similar set list with a rotating number or two. But each show has a variety of performers as the guests. In the February edition, Tucker and Golden welcomed Brooklyn’s hottest comedian Sam Taggart and Mean Girls’ Nikhil Saboo. Sam and the Two Tuckers sang an original comedy number called “Socilate” where Sam went through his fabulous life despite not knowing who Johnny Depp was. When Tucker and Golden brought Nikhil to the stage, a brand-new aura was introduced. Rather than an original number, Nikhil and the duo performed an incredible interpretation of “Who Let the Dogs Out.” And the audience lived. Why? Because this was something familiar. Moving forward, finding ways to incorporate more of these covers may give the show an extra spark.
Two Tuckers is pure fun. If you missed the show before, lucky for you, they’re back in March! Keeping the show fresh and new will be the key to success. Variety is the name of the game, but introducing a similar element, like perhaps another drag queen who is forced to play second fiddle to the diva that is Golden Delicious, might spice things up. Or maybe the next step is a story-based cabaret show where there’s a newfound style of interaction by the duo. There’s a world of endless possibility for Golden Delicious and Tucker and we all look forward to seeing what can come next.