Friday, February 16, 2018

Drag365: Show #41- Stonewall Invasion: Didi Cumswell

Didi Cumswell // photo by Michael Block
Day: Sunday, February 11th        

Show: Stonewall Invasion: Didi Cumswell 

Location: Stonewall Inn

Queens Seen: Didi Cumswell (@didicumswell), Bijoux (@bijoux.xo), Golden Delicious (@msgoldendelicous), Haireola Grande (@haireolagrande), Vanna Deux (@vanndeux)

After an intense sudden lip sync at December’s So You Want an Invasion, Didi Cumswell won herself an Invasion. She brought along some of her favorite sisters to celebrate her for her debut solo show! Didi Cumswell, a rising vintage queen, started the night with a cover of “Get the Party Started,” and it sure did accomplish the job! After another cover, this time to “Anything Goes,” Didi shared some of her fabulous thematic mixes, some of which OCD cleaning, Broadway births, and a hot mix where she ate a jalapeƱo on stage. Didi’s fabulous friends brought some of their best stuff to the night. Bijoux, wearing leather and beret, did a little lusty number with “A Call from the Vatican. Haireola was all about touching and loving and brought out a dildo for her number. Continuing on the sex train, Golden’s classic blow job mix made a cameo in the night. And finally Vanna debuted a brand new number with “Breaking Down” from the musical Falsettos. Since it was her show, she could do whatever she wanted. And Didi did it with not one, not two, but three classic looks, including a brand new disco inferno 70s fantasy.
It’s always a joy watching someone you know do what they love. Didi Cumswell is an endearing force of happiness. There’s always a smile on that girl’s face. And that’s what makes us love her so. This debut won’t be the last you’ll see of her.