Thursday, February 1, 2018

Drag365: Show #28- Frisky Fridays at Pieces

Ruby Roo // photo by Michael Block
Day: Friday, January 26th  

Show: Frisky Fridays

Location: Pieces

Queens Seen: Dusty Ray Bottoms (@dustyray), Ruby Roo (@rubyrubyroo), Misty Mountains (@mistymountainsnyc), Viva Vidalia (@vivavidalia), Haireola Grande (@haireolagrande), Devo Monique (@vogeasdevo)

Dusty Ray Bottoms // photo by Michael Block
It’s Friday so things are about to get a little Frisky! I took another trip back to Piece. A week prior, I was celebrating my birthday. This week? It was Ruby Roo! Happy birthday to the birthday girl! While they celebrated with cupcakes, this night was all about the guests. Well, the two special guests (Harieola Grande and Devo Monique) and two regular drop ins (Misty Mountains and Viva Vidalia). The energy was high, and the straight folks were a-plenty. Ruby and her quips were blazing. Dusty proved that when you perform “Don’t Stop Me Now,” the night is automatically a million times better. Haireola “Money Snatching” Grande had a fan club with her, as they showered her with bills. Misty looked mighty fine in her black and white getup. Viva wowed the crowd with her spin on Ari. And Devo Monique danced the house down. But the real stars of the night were two of the contestants of musical shots. First up was Sam, who works for Wayfair. Sam was also deemed Ruby’s identical twin. It was a stretch, but also not. Next up was Pete. Pete was very cute. Pete is also recently out of the closet, as he celebrated his first night out. Jokes were made at his expense but in all seriousness, it warms the heart to see someone have a place to go where they feel safe. Welcome to the club Pete!
Frisky Fridays can be the place to be. And when it is the place to be, be warned, it gets very crowded. If you’re not parked in the seating area, be prepared for a claustrophobic experience. Otherwise, enjoy what the night has to offer.