Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Drag365: Show #6- Turn It On at Hardware

Miz Cracker and Monet X Change // photo by Michael Block
Day: Sunday, January 7th    

Show: Turn It On 

Location: Hardware

Queens Seen: Miz Cracker (@miz_cracker), Monet X Change (@monetxchange)

The dynamic duo of Miz Cracker and Monet X Change are back for more in 2018 at their weekly Sunday gig, Turn It On. And they certainly did just that. Being the Golden Globes, Miz Cracker and Monet X Change just happened to come on following Oprah’s iconic speech. Very few could follow that act, but these two sure did! These premiere queens know how to engage a crowd. With the minimal amount of numbers, their quick wit and effortless banter is all it takes to keep the crowd going. Hell, even a drunk man will shower the ladies with cash money simply for being present and existing! While the highlight of the night should have been Monet’s whimsical galaxy getup, it was the previously stated drunk man who was the center of attention. He found himself as one of the four contestants in a spirited runway walk off. Alongside Johan from Amsterdam, scared out of his mind Jimmy, and Angel from New Jersey, it was Clint who tested the nerves and found himself as the loser of the game. In a shocking twist of events, the abs of both Johan and Angel were no match for the meek charm of Jimmy as he became the night’s runway champion.
Turn It In is a staple of the Hardware Sunday lineup. These two know how to slay. And hey, you may even see them on your television screens sooner than you think. Their show is such a draw, they occasionally get celebrity guests like Bob the Drag Queen to watch incognito. If you haven’t seen them together, I suggest you do so before it’s too late.