Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Drag365: Show #23- Turn Back Time at ICON

Vanna Deux, Misty Mountains // photo by Michael Block
Day: Tuesday, January 23rd  

Show: Turn Back Time

Location: ICON

Queens Seen: Misty Mountains (@mistymountainsnyc), Vanna Deux (@vannadeux)

Misty Mountains // photo by Michael Block
In the second edition of Turn Back Time, hostess Misty Mountains goes back to the, well, past, as she and guest host Vanna Deux celebrat the 1980s. With mixes, games, and looks pulled straight from the decade, the night’s theme was confidently girls just wanna have fun. Misty is unbashful when she takes the stage. She brings a vision and goes full out. With the 80s in mind, Misty delivers some classics including “Let’s Hear it For the Boy” and “How Will I Know” to get the party started. Guest host Vanna Deux epitomized the 80s in her look. Big hair and big color was all she needed to sell it. Vanna’s ode to the 80s included Blondie’s hit “Call Me” and a live sung version of “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.” Misty and Vanna had a great chemistry with one another, as they had a strong ability to keep the conversation flowing and the recurring “horse” bit going. To continue the 80s celebration, Misty incorporated two 80s inspired games including a quite impossible trivia and a much easier name that tune.
What makes a show like this exciting is that each time you come to Turn Back Time, it will be completely different. The theme allows not only for variety, but a true homage to the period. Misty has a deep repertoire already, so giving herself challenges like this makes her book even bigger. Expect to see some of these 80s numbers at future gigs. The 80s were truly a decade ripe for drag queen performances.