Saturday, January 27, 2018

Drag365: Show #17- FiFi Foe Fum at Boots and Saddle

FiFi DuBois // photo by Michael Block
Day: Sunday, January 14th 

Show: FiFi Foe Fum

Location: Boots and Saddle

Queens Seen: FiFi DuBois (@fifiduboisdq)

The house was packed for a three-day weekend. Brunch was long over, but the drinks were still flowing. And leading the way was FiFi DuBois, the current reigning Miss Boots and Saddle. Her second solo Boots gig of the weekend, FiFi Foe Fum is FiFi at her finest. This girl knows how to turn it out. With an eclectic mix of music, FiFi manages to squeeze it all into every nook and cranny. For those who pay close attention, FiFi’s obsession with Disney reigns supreme. Between performing “Duck Tails,” a person favorite of mine, and “Zero to Hero,” as performed by Ariana Grande, FiFi serves Disney with a twist. With every number comes a story or reason why it’s about to come. And even with a large crowd, some of who may not really want to engage completely, FiFi gets the crowd into her gig whether they like it or not. She isn’t afraid to get into the mix, and in a way, it’s endearing. When she gets a setlist for the drag suicide, she goes around the room and chats with anyone and everyone. As a performer, FiFi is insanely versatile dancing phenom. She’ll give you the quintessential drag flips and tricks, but she’ll also give you technique like very few can. And it’s appreciated to those truly paying attention.
FiFi Foe Fum is a FiFi solo show for fans and stragglers alike. And she does it all on her own. Who needs a cohost to banter with when she can go on and on? It’s not rambling if it’s pointed!