Thursday, January 25, 2018

Drag365: Show #15- Glow at Boots and Saddle

Brita Filter, Kareem McJagger // photo by Michael Block
Day: Saturday, January 13th 

Show: Glow  

Location: Boots and Saddle

Queens Seen: Kareem McJagger (@kareemmcjagger), Brita Filter (@thebritafilter), Vanna Deux (@vannadeux)

Vanna Deux // photo by Michael Block
What’s that old saying a young artist named Pink once said? “Get the party started on a ‪Saturday night.” If you’re looking for a party to heighten your weekend, look no further than Glow at Boots and Saddle. Hosted weekly by Kareem McJagger and Brita Filter, Glow is a high energy dance party with pop up drag shows that keeps the night alive. Glow is like a buffet that can easily fill up your nightlife plate. A spoonful of dancing, a dollop of g- go boys, and a healthy helping of drag. Just enough to satisfy your every need. The night starts off with your favorite dance hits spun by the amazing DJ T-Boy as Bryce Adonis and Anthony Paparelli take the stage as the evenings’ go-go boys. Brita and Kareem drink and mingle with the crowd before taking over with a pop up drag show alongside guest host Vanna Deux. And let’s just say they turned the party out. Between Kareem’s ‪Kesha megamix to Vanna’s Pok√©mon tribute to Brita’s money mix, the crowd was here for the energetic party atmosphere. No wonder this event was a previous GLAM winner! After another dancing set, the queens returned for a high-spirited drag suicide. The requests ranged from the typical pop divas to the acts of the past, and everyone got what they wanted. Especially those who tipped a little bit more.
It takes a certain type of performer to keep a dance party going from beginning to end. By this point, the Glow team has the formula figured out perfectly.