Friday, October 13, 2017

Review: Paige Turner's Gay Adventures

By Michael Block

If the fabulous drag queens and colorful rainbow outfits didn’t sell it, the title certainly will. Paige Turner’s This Show is Gay does not falsely advertise what you’re about to see. Returning to the Laurie Beechman after a recent Pride engagement, This Show Is Gay celebrates the community in the funniest of fashions.
photo by Michael Block
Paige Turner takes the audience on a fabulous journey as she, and her special guests Jackie Cox and Remy Germinario, spread the gay all over the land. Using magical transporting taboo buzzers, Paige, Jackie, and Remy travel from LA to Orlando as they bring impeccable impersonations, musical parodies, and an abundance of crude humor to everyone they gross. With gay culture infiltrating the script, Paige pokes fun at everything from coming out (as vegan) to Grindr at the happiest place on earth. If you’re familiar with Paige and her whimsical world, This Show Is Gay highlights her character’s traits and antics by giving her some scene partners to rib and play off of, all while showcasing her friends. She offers some easy jabs that are instant crowd pleasers, all while inserting inside jokes that are less than 24 hours old. The trio’s ability to adapt and play off of one another continues to confirm how Paige’s vision can easily transcend the stage. If nonsensical plotlines leave you uneasy, it’s likely you will be grunting and groaning from start to finish. But if you’re willing to dive deep into the camp, Paige has crafted something that captures the ridiculous and the sentimental.
This Show Is Gay had everything. Song and dance. Looks upon looks. A rainbow megamix finale. This show is full of pride and love. If you haven’t heard by now, Paige Turner, alongside seven of NYC’s finest queens, are a part of a stellar new television show “Shade: Queens of NYC.” Perhaps this will give the added boost to bring Paige and her world to a new media frontier.