Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Review: Trixie Mattel Does It Again

By Michael Block

Trixie Mattel is back and better than ever. And you'd think that would be hard to do. Returning to the Laurie Beechman, Trixie brings her giant bag of tricks in Now With Moving Parts. Pulling out standup, live music, video segments, and even some signature lip syncs, Now With Moving Parts is the complete package.
photo by Michael Block
After getting her feet wet in Ages 3 and Up, Trixie Mattel offers a night of everything she does best in Now With Moving Parts. Rooted in stand up, Now With Moving Parts is a uproarious evening of comedy that captures the essence of Trixie Mattel. Even if some of the material was lifted from a certain hit YouTube show, her ability to make her jokes seem fresh and newly repurposed allowed the energy to be maintained. Some comedians jump from joke to joke without purpose. Trixie is not one of those comedians. The way she seamlessly transitions from beat to beat is fluid, even when layering in music and lip syncs. Not every joke will land. That’s just how comedy works. Trixie’s ability to take the failed bit and mock it in the most glorious of fashion almost makes you wish it would happen more. Sometimes the jokes that don’t land have the funniest pay out. For those familiar with her recent country album “Two Birds,” you’re not going to get a concert of those songs. But you will get some musical moments, including her ability to white-ify anything. Our show featured a folk cover of a RuPaul classic, which was an instant fan favorite moment. Starting with an intro and subsequent interludes, the addition of the video shorts enhanced the evening. While they felt more like standalone features, they were amusing nonetheless.
If the rumors are true and Trixie Mattel is in fact on the next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars, Now With Moving Parts defines just way she deserves the crown. Trixie Mattel can do it all. Especially leave you waiting for the next show. Here’s hoping she rounds out the trilogy soon!