Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Review: Paige's Fabulous Confessions

By Michael Block

At first glance, you might think Paige Turner is going to give you a sugary sweet night of entertainment. But don't judge this book by its cover. Her sweet facade quickly gives way to twisted hilarity. "Mushroom Head." Need I say more? With an encore engagement of her acclaimed Confessions of an Un-Natural Blonde, Paige Turner sings and shares stories of her not so PC life.
photo by Michael Block
A dominant fixture in New York nightlife, Paige Turner is the epitome of showbiz. In Confessions of an Un-Natural Blonde, Paige takes her adoring fans on a whacky journey through her life as she makes her way in New York City. Filled to the brim with perversion, Paige keeps her audience roaring, and leaves an occasional jaw on the floor. Showing off her Gluten-free figure decked out in her best Lisa Frank Quinceanera dress, Paige fulfills every colorful fantasy you have. There are some drag performers who simply put on a character, and that’s it. Paige Turner goes beyond that. She creates a complete wonderful world of her own that we are privileged to be a part of. With the assistance of some incredible video features, the show was absolutely elevated beyond compared. If you’re a fan of Mika, Paige’s “Lollipop” bit and accompanying music video was a safe highlight. If you like your humor a little more politically incorrect, see the previously mentioned “Mushroom Head.” I don’t think my jaw has ever dropped faster onto the floor. For fans of the Disney classic “Frozen,” Paige completely defiles one of the tuners in the best way possible. The things seasoned drag queens can get away with! As Paige shares her anecdotes, she throws shady zingers left and right to her friends and acquaintances. But she’s not being mean, she’s just being Paige! And she doesn’t leave the audience out of the fun. Oh no. Many daddies get asked to teach her how to bottom while those who are granted a Sugar Daddy lollipop must answer the age old question, unicorn or pony. From a writing perspective, Paige’s show is streamlined yet packed to the brim with fun. She smartly leaves you wanting more. And lucky for you, you can see her at her various gigs throughout New York City.
If you didn’t get a chance to see Confessions of an Un-Natural Blonde, well, be disappointed. This was likely the last presentation of this show as Paige is creating a new show. In the world of evolving media, Paige Turner has made a case why her brand deserves it’s own web series. It’s easy to compare her to Pee Wee Herman. Just imagine what the world she shared could potentially look like. It’s pretty fabulous. Perhaps that should be the next frontier.