Monday, December 12, 2016

The Rulers: A Sneak Peek Into Rule of 7x7: The Holidays 2016 Edition

If you're looking to get your stocking stuffed, Rule of 7x7 has a holiday treat for you! This Thursday, December 15th, Rule of 7x7 will be gifting you with TWO performances at 7:00pm and 9:30pm! And without further ado, The Rulers!

The Rulers

Name: Brett Epstein

Hometown: Hamden, CT

Education: BA (Theatre, Writing) Providence College

What is your rule?: Each play begins with a character holding an item/prop in silence for 10 seconds. Then that character says "I think this is good" or "I think this is bad."

Why did you pick your rule?: Alex Gould told me it would be dope if all the plays had to start similarly and we see where they went from there. I totally agree.

Tell us about Holidays With Adam Driver: Adam Driver returns to his hometown to visit his two brothers who've never left their hometown. Inspired by my dear friend Cary Gitter who's reminded me of Adam Driver since I met him!

Why should people come to Rule of 7x7?: Different rules, different writers, different actors, different directors every time. But always a free beer!

New Year's Resolution for 2017?: Do a plank for 2.5 minutes.

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Name: Cary Gitter

Hometown: Leonia, NJ

Education: BFA and MA from NYU

What is your rule?: Somewhere in pages 8-10, the characters experience the tenderest moment of their lives.

Why did pick your rule?: Because I want to see more tenderness on the American stage.

Tell us about Big Date: Two college girls getting ready for a big double date. They're best friends. One's white, one's Latina. The night before Trump's inauguration.

Why should people come to Rule of 7x7?: Because it's the single greatest theatrical event ever conceived of, and it could have been dreamt up only by Brett Epstein.

New Year's Resolution for 2017?: Write better plays.

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Name: Rosalind Grush

Hometown: Los Angeles

Education: BA from Columbia University

What is your rule?: A fart?

Why did pick your rule?: Well, the rules were due at 4pm on a Saturday. I work a lot during the week so I didn't have much time, and that particular Saturday morning, I was meeting some friends at a rugby bar because the brunch place next door was full. Turned out there was this Ireland vs New Zealand match on: Ireland hadn't won against New Zealand for 111 years and had finally beaten them the week before, and this was their first rematch after Ireland's victory. It was a shitshow. The place was packed and everyone was wasted. I sent in my rules blackout drunk, slightly before being asked if I wanted to be in a foursome with the folks at the table next to mine. To be fair to myself, farts are always funny.

Tell us about Not A Nativity Play, Part II Of Rosalind's Reproductive Cycle: I thought I would branch out from what I usually write about - abortion, which for the record I strongly support - and write about something else for a change. What's the opposite of abortion? Staying pregnant! America hates women in general, and REALLY hates pregnant women. I have known women offered almost no maternity leave (for places that even have maternity leave policies) and who haven't had jobs waiting for them on the other end of their pregnancies (or whose role is "reimagined" while they're gone and basically get forced out). Plus I've been having a lot of trouble with my health insurance and doctors lately, and odds seem pret-ty good that it's only going to get worse. And so Part II of my Reproductive Cycle was born. It's a comedy. An Odyssey comedy. A hero's journey comedy about pregnancy in America. 

Why should people come to Rule of 7x7?: It's always an incredible night with lots of great people on stage and in the audience, and I can't wait to see what my wildly talented fellow writers are cooking up! And I may be biased, but also The Tank is always doing something cool.

New Year's Resolution for 2017?: FLOSS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

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Name: David Jackson

Hometown: Denver, CO -> KY -> NYC

Education: Fordham University

What is your rule?: "We're not that different."

Why did pick your rule?: In this post election era, I want to write about Americans coming together. Since the country seems to be coming apart at the seams. Also while I was writing my rule suggestions, I was watching an interview with Michael Che re: his "Black Jeopardy" sketch on SNL with a Trump supporter on the panel, and he said the point was, "We're not that different."

Tell us about The Conversation Not Heard 'Round The World: Donald Trump meets Barack Obama at the White House. Barack begs him to consider his own legacy, while Donald asks if he can put a bust of himself in the Oval Office. Melania Trump meets Michelle Obama and asks for parenting advice since she says, "Barron keeps playing dress up like ISIS." Chaos ensues as the two conversations we never heard come through loud and clear.

Why should people come to Rule of 7x7?: It's a great place to see several short new plays in one night. Seven, in fact! Plus there's a bar essentially on stage.

New Year's Resolution for 2017?: Do better than 2016.

Name: Rachael Mason

Hometown: New York, New York

What is your rule?: Someone quotes a poem.

Why did you pick your rule?: I chose this rule because poetry is fun!

Tell us about The Test: The Test is about a couple being put through the ultimate test.

Why should people come to Rule of 7x7?: 7x7 is such a fun and lively theater experience. It really feels like a rollercoaster and everyone is on board!

New Year's Resolution for 2017?: To learn a new language

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Name: Sam Perwin

Hometown: Miami Beach, FL

Education: B.A. in Literature from Harvard.

What is your rule?: Vitamins.

Why did pick your rule?: I wanted an everyday object that could be interpreted in many different ways: as a prop, as a moment, etc.

Tell us about Buried Treasure: It’s a strange little romp involving a dead grandfather, a skull, a long lost manuscript, and Keats. What do they all have to do with each other? Come find out!

Why should people come to Rule of 7x7?: This experience has been like putting a puzzle together, but it’s like everyone’s doing a different puzzle with the same pieces. Come see what we’ve put together!

New Year's Resolution for 2017?: More writing, more yoga.

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Name: Lizzie Stern

Hometown: New York, NY

Education: BA: Williams College

What is your rule?: Snowman

Why did pick your rule?: Snowmen are underrepresented in the theatrical canon. My rule for next time will be snowwomen and non-binary snowpeople.

Tell us about Run Wild: Annie and Max go on a run in Prospect Park. They train for a 5K. Annie's single, mostly friendless, and dealing with an invisible mold infestation. She wants to win the race. But maybe the win she really wants isn’t the one she’s after.

Why should people come to Rule of 7x7?: You'll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll see seven brand new plays!

New Year's Resolution for 2017?: Take more action, big and small

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