Monday, November 14, 2016

Spotlight On...Zac Moon

Name: Zac Moon

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Education: BA University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Select Credits: Women (the PIT), The Mysteries, Restoration Comedy (The Flea), Rubber Ducks and Sunsets (Ground UP); Film: “Imperium" (with Daniel Radcliffe)

Why theater?: I was doomed from an early age because my dad was an actor and a director. So I grew up seeing shows and going backstage which I thought was just magical. But I think live theater is important these days because you leave your couch, go share an experience with a whole group of people. An experience that can never be replicated exactly in the same way. It would be sad to me if we lost that part of our humanity.

Who do you play in Puffs, or: Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic & Magic?: I play Wayne Hopkins. An orphaned boy wizard with grand dreams about being a hero.

Tell us about Puffs: Where to even start! Well, yes, it is certainly easiest to say it's a parody of one of the most beloved book/movie series having to do with wizards. But beyond that I think it's a really endearing story of what it's like to grow up with dreams and ambitions when you're not necessarily destined for conventional greatness. And how to live life to the fullest exactly as you are and with what's really important to you. Also wizard jokes. Lots and lots and lots of wizard jokes. If you happened to live under a rock and missed all 7 books/8 movies though, don't worry, Matt, Kristin and team have worked really hard to make it accessible and entertaining whether you're a die hard fan or not.

What is it like being a part of Puffs?: Honestly it's been one of the best theater experiences of my career. We all play so well together and push each other to be sharper, funnier, more specific and more real every show. And to keep making new discoveries constantly. Also it's just the most fun I could imagine having in 90 minutes. And beyond all that, the response from HP fans has just been so overwhelming. People who have seen the shows multiple times already and just embraced us with open arms into the fandom, it's really special for us.

Any roles you’re dying to play?: Well the one I'll never get cast in, but always secretly wanted to do is Seymour from Little Shop. I just think it would be such a fun part.

What’s your favorite showtune?: What's a showtune?

If you could work with anyone you’ve yet to work with, who would it be?: Oh there are so many writers out there I admire. Top of the list is probably Will Eno, Sarah Ruhl, Annie Baker and if Lin Manuel Miranda wanted to write me a comedy rap, I'd be down.

Who would play you in a movie about yourself and what would it be called?: In my dreams Chris Pratt would play me but he would have to start as "Parks and Rec" Pratt and get to “Guardians" Pratt over the course of the movie. And assuming that Matt Cox writes it, I imagine it'll be called "Hugs and Beards: The Zac Moon Story."

What show have you recommended to your friends?: Well, Agnes by Catya McMullen just played for a weekend at Rattlestick and you better be keeping your eye out for when that show gets a full run. And Where Did We Sit On The Bus is Brian Quijadas one man show running at EST.

What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?: Oh man sleeping in is my crack. It's so bad but if I ever have a day I don't have to set an alarm, forget about it, I'm sleeping so hard.

What’s up next?: Well we are just getting started!! Very excited to be on this journey with Puffs and seeing how the next few months (or longer!) go.

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