Sunday, November 6, 2016

Review: Revolving Door of Divas

By Michael Block 

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 star Mrs. Kasha Davis and her best gal pal Aggy Dune return to the Laurie Beechman for another engagement of their hit Big Wigs. In one quick hour, Mrs. Kasha Davis and Aggy Dune invite a cavalcade of our favorite ladies to perform their greatest hits.
Big Wigs is essentially a revolving door of divas as Mrs. Kasha Davis and Aggy Dune tackle some of the most iconic voices through spot-on lip syncs. From Babs to Reba to Cher, they're all invited to the show. Mrs. Kasha Davis and Aggy Dune are seasoned performers. And it shows. The duo turn out a night that is so much fun. For those familiar with Mrs. Kasha Davis for her time on the seventh season of RuPaul's Drag Race, she only had a limited time to show off her skills. Though she may have not won her lip sync for her life, one of her shining moments was her performance during the Glamazonian Airways challenge. But being ousted right before Snatch Game, we never saw her impeccable impersonations. In Big Wigs, Mrs. Kasha Davis turns it out as Liza, capturing her movement flawlessly. And despite the lack of a death drop, Mrs. Kasha Davis can dance, which is exemplified in her Tina Turner number. Aggy Dune may not be a household name but she sure should be. Aggy Dune has done a great character study on every performer she takes on. From the way her Barbra Streisand held the microphone to Celine Dion's head work, Aggy Dune makes it work. Though Reba is the biggest stretch to be included in this night, it's Aggy Dune's finest moment. Her face work is hilarious and borderline caricature. Where Big Wigs loses steam is the pause in transitions. While it does give the crowd a moment to sip their cocktail and chow down on their calamari, it's dead air nonetheless. Perhaps their is a version of the show where Mrs. Kasha Davis and Aggy Dune appear together as dueling divas as the final song is one of the most fun moments.
As Mrs. Kasha Davis says, there's always time for a cocktail. Well grab a cocktail or two because there's always time for Mrs. Kasha Davis and Aggy Dune!