Saturday, August 20, 2016

Review: Where Everybody Knows You're Proud

By Michael Block

Not everyone can find that place where you can be yourself. But when you do, it can be a safe haven. In Sean Chandler and David Leeper's At the Flash, a comprehensive history of a gay bar is illuminated as the hits of LGBTQ history are mirrored in this striking solo work. Bookended in the present, The Flash is reopening as a restaurant and club. Through a nonlinear storytelling structure, At the Flash spans decades as a series of characters experience snapshots of life at this getaway. Though some of the character arcs go on a scene or two too long, Chandler and Leeper offer some stunningly fabulous quotes.
As strong as the writing is, At the Flash celebrates an extraordinary performer. David Leeper provided a seamless character exploration. Jumping time and character, Leeper's characterization was near flawless. It was a very lived in performance. Director David Zak opted for storytelling through dialogue. Through Pantomimed props and no costume changes, this allowed for the momentum to be maintained.
Even if you don't identify as LGBTQ, there is something in this story for everyone to identify with. Sean Chandler and David Leeper have written a beautifully rich story that will go down in history.