Monday, June 13, 2016

Tony Awards 2016 Highs and Lows

As expected, the 2016 Tony Awards were all about Hamilton. While the show didn't tie or beat The Producers mark of twelve awards, they still stole the show. But what about the rest of the night? Here's my Tony highs and lows!

Best Performance: James Corden’s Opening Number
The night was filled with some incredible performances but James Corden stole the show and proved his worth as a recurring host. Corden’s bit reminded us that we can make it and be anyone we want to be. And if you didn’t tear up when the kids transformed into the nominees in the musical acting categories, you may not have a heart.

Worst Performance: She Loves Me
There really wasn’t a bad performance but in terms of selling the production, She Loves Me didn’t quite dazzle. The medley was cute but even the other revivals had some more spark.

Best Speech: Frank Langella

The Tony’s were especially emotional being mere hours following the tragedy in Orlando. Many called attention to it but it was Frank Langella and his infinite years of wisdom that grounded us all and reminded everyone that we’re all one collective soul.

Cringe Worthy Moment: Christopher Fitzgerard as Michael Arden
In the age old tradition of showing the nominees on camera as their name is announced, we all collectively cringed during the reading of the Best Director of a Musical nominees when the camera panned on Christopher Fitzgerald instead of Spring Awakening director Michael Arden. #tonyfail

Best Joke: Law & Order Bit 
We all know that New York actors have a reputation of being called for an episode of Law & Order. James Corden capitalized on this by calling out celebs in the audience and bringing up a side by side of them now and during their appearance on Law & Order. By the time we reached Danny Burstein, Corden shared not one but SIX appearances by the six-time Tony nominee.

Best Low Blow: Steven Martin
As we learned from Tony winners Reed Birney and Jayne Houdyshell, sometimes it takes years or decades to make it on Broadway and feel recognized. If you’re Steve Martin you just “do what I did, already be famous.” For all of us aspiring and emerging artists, it was a sad reminder of reality.

Weirdest Moment: Andrew Lloyd Webber on tambourine 
So this Ham4Ham thing. If you’re not in the know (basically anyone who hasn’t tried to win Hamilton lotto tickets), you have no idea what this phenomenon was. Having the shows perform a song NOT from their show outside the Beacon Theater was strange. But when the Best Music nominees started the trend, everyone was playing their signature instrument. Except Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber who was playing tambourine. Shake that tambourine ALW, shake it like good.

Best Dressed: Lupita Nyong’o
She may not have won but her outfit won the night! The Oscar winner looked stunning in her floral inspired gown. She proved she is a star on stage and on the Red Carpet.

Worst Dressed: Daveed Diggs
This is Broadway’s biggest night. Dress for the occasion. Diggs’ jacket would have been perfect for something like the Grammys or the VMAS. The Tony’s? Not so much.

Biggest Upset: Leslie Odom Jr. Wins Best Actor in a Musical
All signs were pointing that Lin-Manual Miranda was going to get the trifecta. He had already won two during the evening and he was heavily featured in the show’s number. Leslie Odom Jr. was not. So when Odom Jr.’s name was read, many people’s predictions, excluding myself, were happily wrong.

Best Presenter: James Corden
This is a bit unfair to name the host but James Corden rocked the Tony Awards. He will be on the top of CBS’s list until his show goes away. And I think we’d all be ok with that!

Worst Presenter: Barbra Steisand
Go with me for a second. The presenter has two jobs. First, to pronounce names properly (we’re looking at you Travolta). The second is to open the envelope and say the name of the winner. Babs the lioness forget the second part. Yes, it was inevitable that Hamilton was going to win, but it’s part of the tradition!