Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review: Just Lance!

All Lance wants to do is make you smile. And he'll stop at nothing to do so. In Peter Michael Marino's wickedly comical solo spectacular Late With Lance, Marino takes on the titular role of youthful chat show host Lance, as he takes the audience on a comedy cruise.
photo by Alicia Levey
Late With Lance is a smartly crafted solo show about a musical theater obsessed young man determined to fulfill his dream of hosting a talk show with huge celebrity guests. But when Liza, Hugh, and Miami Sound Machine play the role of Godot, lithe singularly named Lance must improvise in order of providing the best show over. And making his two gay dads proud. Late With Lance is original and knows exactly how to walk the line of parody without insulting.  Marino pokes fun at solo shows with the solo show song, something that rings beyond true. But  biggest success is his characterization. Lance is like a mix of Jack McFarland and Stuart Smalley with a dash of glitter and pizzazz. Marino brings so much heart into the character. And it all ties into the thematic through line of having dreams and the determination of fulfilling them. From a writing standpoint, Marino litters his script with entertainment inside jokes, mockery of the cruise ship life, and gleeful play on words that bring out a lot more than a chuckle. The energy is high yet slightly simmers when necessary. This balances is what makes Marino's writing so smart. It's clear Lance has been tested.
Peter Michael Marino has so much potential of bringing the character into a plethora of mediums. Late With Lance is a solo extravaganza that not only invites the audience to be a part of the show but reminds us all of what we'll do to make our dream come true.