Sunday, August 23, 2015

Spotlight On...Tess Howsam

Name: Tess Howsam

Hometown: Colorado Springs

Education: British American Drama Academy, Bard College

Favorite Credits: BELOW (NYC Fringe Festival and ENCORE Festival 2012) ODD.A.SEE (Arts@Renaissance) WareART: SubTerra (Galapagos Art Space & HERE Art Center)

Why theater?: To me theater is an event, an experience that can momentarily engulf you, transport you, transform you. Exquisite Corpse Company creates this kind of expansive, immersive theater. Each of our large collaborative shows bring together artists of varying mediums and challenges them to create an experience that is much bigger than a script or a stage. This summer, we've got a whole house!

Tell us about Secession 2015: This August and September, the world of the Vienna Secession (which included Egon Schiele and Gustave Klimt) will be brought to life in an aging Victorian house on Governors Island. The piece as a whole is inspired by the work of some of the greatest Viennese painters and musicians of the early 20th century. We've commissioned new plays, and have challenged contemporary visual artists to create work inspired by some of the more pivotal pieces from the Secession Movement. Come immerse yourself in our living gallery to explore the stories behind the paintings, traversing inside the minds, lives, and worlds of these brilliant artists, and the muses who inspired them. Gallery open and free to the public Friday-Sunday 1230-530PM
Immersive shows run every Saturday and Sunday at 2PM and 4PM. Audience size is limited. Tickets available through our website!

What inspired you to create Secession 2015?: When brainstorming project ideas for our large-scale collaborations, I always start with the visual. In this case I have always loved the work of Klimt and Egon Schiele, and I've been moved by the emotion and ideas that they inspire. After seeing an incredible portrait show about the Vienna Secession a year ago in London, I was immediately fascinated by the interpersonal lives of the artists and the muses within their paintings. This show looks beyond the paintings and into the people and stories that inspired great works.

What’s up next?: ECC will be announcing calls for our Fall Writers Lab and Drinks and Drama series! We are also gearing up for our annual Halloween party that raises awareness and some financial support for artists. You should come!