Sunday, July 19, 2015

Spotlight On...Ryan Breslin

Name: Ryan Breslin

Hometown: Born and raised in Marietta, GA

Education: BFA Musical Theater at the University of Cincinnati. Pebblebrook High School.

Select Credits: OBC Newsies the Musical! I was given the opportunity to originate the role of Race. The Book of Mormon (Broadway). “Person of Interest” (CBS). “Hail Caesar” (Feature Film)

Why theater?: Why not!? Theater is alive. You never have the same experience twice. I appreciate the time we spend together creating something special and one of a kind, while finding the specific characteristics that make each cast and character unique.

Who do you play in Foolerie?: I get to play the part of Knave! The truth telling audience member that challenges Clowne to a fooling.

Tell us about Foolerie: Well. Foolerie is a Shakespearean comedy featuring a traveling band of fools led by the infamous Clowne. They stage competitions challenging anyone who dares to try and out-fool Clowne, and the loser is put to death. Knave is the challenger in this production, but he brings a very strong willed honest side that the fools are not as accustomed to. The show is filled with twists, turns, and laugh out loud  foolishness that you won't want to miss!

What is it like being a part of Foolerie?: The process has been a blast. Creating a new piece is something we don't get to do very often as actors, so having this opportunity is such a gift. The cast is so smart, and our creatives are literally building the show around us which takes a little more time, but the final product will benefit from the extra care and specificity they are showing.

What kind of theater speaks to you? What or who inspires you as an artist?: I love to be surprised artistically. Seeing something on the stage that I wouldn't expect makes me realize how vast this art form is. I've always been inspired by Pharrell Williams. He constantly does work that pushes his boundaries as an artist and I love that. Wiki him. You won't believe how much he has done in the past 20 years.

Any roles you’re dying to play?: Hedwig? No, I'm just kidding. I promise.  I would love to become a choreographer or lyricist in the future. I love the trial and error of creating art. Presenting your original work is the most rewarding feeling because of the ways it speaks to people, which you as the writer/creator may never have considered!

What’s your favorite showtune?: To sing at karaoke? “This is the Moment.”

If you could work with anyone you’ve yet to work with, who would it be?: Lin Manuel Miranda, of course. He is absolutely unstoppable, and Hamilton is a dream come true for an actor/hip hop enthusiast.      

Who would play you in a movie about yourself and what would it be called?: Will Ferrell. I don't know the name yet, but I know it's a romantic comedy, and he is playing a 26 year old.

If you could go back in time and see any play or musical you missed, what would it be?: OBC Rent

What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?: Peach Four Loko. No question. I can't believe I even said that.

What’s up next?: I'll be playing Leaf Coneybear in Bucks County's production of 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Releasing my first hip hop EP. Also, “Hail Caesar!” The feature film comes out in 2016!

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