Monday, June 8, 2015

Tony 2015 Highs and Lows

Best Speech: Ruthie Ann Miles
It’s hard to pick just one in a night of some great speeches, especially with so many left off the telecast. But of the ones that made it, you have to give it to Ruthie Ann Mills. So much heart. And she loves the planet and saved a tree!

Best Performance: Something Rotten
This is bound to cause some controversy. There will always be a taste discrepancy but Something Rotten certainly kicked off the night right! Sure, Fun Home’s Sydney Lucas got all the awws, but for the Midwest family sitting in their living room deciding what show they want to see when they come to New York, they’re likely going to be drawn to the big, glitzy showstopper. And that's a win.

Worst Performance: Finding Neverland
Finding Neverland got a second chance at life when the Tony’s granted them a performance for the second year in a row. Yes, Matthew Morrison has some pipes. Yes, Kelsey Grammer brings full conviction. And who doesn’t love a sexy pirate? But there was something so off about their number.

Cringe Worthy Moment: Nearly Identical Dresses 
Isn’t it a written rule that you don’t wear the same dress as someone? It’s taboo, from prom to the red carpet. But what happens when you’re wearing nearly the same dress as your co-presenter? Awkwardness. When Anna Chlumsky and Debra Messing stepped up to present in their redish-purple matchers, you couldn’t help but cringe. I bet we’d all like to have been there when the ladies first saw each other backstage.

Best Joke: Larry David Calls Out the Tony’s
Sure there was a ton of dry humor behind the jab, but super snubbed Larry David called out the Tony’s for his show’s lack of nominations. The back and forth by David and Jason Alexander was quite fun but and brought in some of the night’s biggest laughs.

Weirdest Moment: Cheno as E.T.
The dynamic duo of Alan Cumming and Kristen Chenoweth were mediocre at best. They had their moments playing dress up. But nothing was weirder than Cheno in her E.T. getup. Sure the punch line was hilarious, but it’s an image that is burned into our minds for life. We’ll never be able to watch “E.T.” or phone home the same again.

Biggest Low Blow: The Creative Awards and Sound Design Exclusion (tie) 
CBS and the Tony’s are going to have to right their incredible wrong and figure out a solution to the ever-growing problem that is the Tony telecast. The creative awards have been pushed aside to the commercial breaks to make way for the not nominated musicals to get their moments to shine. All of the other big awards go over the 11 o’clock hour, I don’t think we’d have a problem if this telecast did the same. And the idiotic exclusion of the Sound Design awards is just a massive travesty. American Theater Wing, if you need your voters to have a tutorial to properly understand what sound design is, I’d be more than happy to help!

Best Dressed: Kelli O’Hara
Haters gonna hate. The girl is not for everyone. Ok, so she finally won one. Congrats. You're not the Leo of the Tony Awards. But you can’t hate for looking simply stunning in her gold gown. The one-time winner who finally can take her place in theater royalty looked divine. She sure knows how to shine.

Worst Dressed: Kiesza
Ok first off, what the hell is a Kiesza and why is she at the Tony Awards? And dear lord what was she wearing? The chick, who is featured on the Finding Neverland concept album, did an outfit change and yet both of her outfits were bombs. Oof. Poor girl.

Biggest Upset: Fun Home Loses in Best Featured Actress
It was either going to be an all An American in Paris night or an all Fun Home night. After the Fun Home scribes won their prizes, it was certain it was going to be a glorious night for the musical. But then the shocker of the night came when The King and I’s Ruthie Ann Miles took the Best Featured Actress award. She defied the odds and not only beat one but THREE of the Fun Home supporting ladies.

Best Presenter: Neil Patrick Harris
What’s the Tony Awards without Neil Patrick Harris. The annual appearance by NPH included a wonderful jab at his running lock box gag during his mediocre hosting stint at the Oscars.

The Finding Neverland Three
So Finding Neverland has a concept album. Cool. To celebrate the show that tourists love and theater artists hate, a trio of the concept album’s singers took to the stage to present the show. And there’s nothing more paintful than poor teleprompter reading. We’re looking at you J.Lo.