Friday, May 29, 2015

Punk or Provocateur with...Jacob Owen

Name: Jacob Owen

Hometown: Burlington, NC

Tell us about The Roaring Girl: The Roaring Girl is mainly a story about generalizing a person's traits and spirit by previous conceptions. The main conflict Moll faces is the adversity of breaking the mold of how a "lady" should conduct herself. Our society is in the eye of restructuring a woman's role in the work place, family, and politics. Moll is an embodiment of the struggles that women have faced before the 1500's and leading to our changes today.

Describe The Roaring Girl in 3 words: Witty, profound, and crass.

Who do you play in The Roaring Girl?: Sebastian Wengrave

Describe your character in 3 words: Passionate, Intelligent, Self-righteous

Which company member is most likely to be a roaring boy or girl?: Malloree Hill certainly brings herself to this role and the rehearsal room. It is always invigorating to work with a trained and playful actor like herself. BUT keep your eyes on Erin Beirnard. She's quiet but that volcano is equipped with talent and a radiant kindness, she's certainly a complex lady.

Most likely to get in a brawl?: Jon Meyer by far. Jon possesses a superior depth with stage combat. I have seen him fight crews of lady pirates, Columbia students, and himself. This guy is no joke, even though he is full of them.

Who’s the fanciest?: Sam Ogilvie's hand and wrist are seeping with class, riches, and regalness. But Anais Koivisto naturally exudes fanciness.

What is the best thing about being a part of The Roaring Girl?: The rehearsal room has been a blast. The cast is full of high caliber actors who love to come in focused and make choices. It has been a privilege to work with them and get a chance to collaborate with Anais Koivisto, our director, again.

What is your favorite moment in The Roaring Girl?: I love the moments shared by Moll and the Tailor. Also, I love the character of Gull that Quinn Warren has been developing.

Why The Roaring Girl now?: Everyday Inferno has chosen a story that proposes many points of views from varying classes. I feel like the examination of how strong women are is told frequently and hopefully heard. However, I feel like Middleton and Dekker use the role of Sir Alexander to examine the psyche of misogynistic leaders with the ability to manipulate with their power. The questions that need to be asked are "Why are men so scared of the potential that women possess?" "What will it take to help those change their minds to a more understanding and humane way of caring for the world?"

Punk or Provocateur?: Being a punk would be so much fun. Earrings, Tats, and not caring what anyone thinks. However... I don't I could be that cool. I will identify with Provocateur in terms of my great ability to annoy others.

Have you ever performed in rep before? What are the challenges/struggles?: No I have not, but coming from UNCSA I was able to work with my class of 26 other actors and do multiple stage and self produced shows within the school year. A challenging and intriguing aspect is getting to experience the actors' "habits." It is a constant test of staying true the character and your ever evolving self because you work with the same group of observant and intelligent actors week after week.

What are you most excited to see in the other play?: I am pumped to watch the work of actors I have never seen that are part of same company. Also I feel like Katherine Sommer has had a devilish fun time working on this play and I cannot wait to see what she has come up with.

Why should we come see Punks and Provocateurs?: If I have harped enough on the whole badass women and how misogynists are wrong ordeal... then you should come see it for the terrific work by wonderful NYC actors, kick ass music, incredible booze, and a chance to share in creating a piece of art.