Monday, February 23, 2015

Go Go Time with...Karsten Otto

Name: Karsten Otto

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Education: BFA: NYU- Atlantic Acting School

Who do you play in Kapow-i GoGo?: Mr. Smiiiiiles

Describe your character(s) in three words: Cute but dangerous

Tell us about Kapow-i GoGo: She's a bad ass chick who don't take no crap from no one.

Describe Kapow-i GoGo in three words: Cute but deadly

What’s the wildest costume you wear in Kapow-i GoGo?: A tear drop tattoo

What’s your favorite all-time afterschool cartoon?: After school? "Spongbob". Late night, however? "Full Metal Alchemist"

If you could be a character from any anime or cartoon, who would you be?: Princess Mononoke

Which company member has the most larger than life personality?: Hank

Which company member is most likely to get lost in this world?: Steve

Most likely to actually be a cartoon character in real life?: Colin

Most likely to be a super villain?: Maddie

Most likely to go on an epic journey?: Matt

Who’s the best fighter?: Mike Axelrod

Revenge or vengeance?: Vengeance

What would be your victory song?: Skip to 30 seconds for the song and the drama.

What is your signature move?: A subtle, demeaning Head Shake

What’s the biggest inside joke at Kapow-i GoGo?: Impressions of everyone else's character.

What is your favorite moment in Kapow-i GoGo?: KaPow-I's "heheheheheeheheehehe"

Why should we come see Kapow-i GoGo?: It's fresh and original. And funny. And makes you feel feeeeeeelings. You won't forget it. Duhhhhh.