Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Go Go Time with...Evan Maltby

Name: Evan Maltby

Hometown: New York, NY

Education: BA in Comparative Literature from Williams College

Who do you play in Kapow-i GoGo?: Tuxedo Gary (and a ton of other small bits - a few hedges, many energy blasts, part of a mountain monster, an airship...etc)

Describe your character(s) in three words: Fiery, Proud, Misguided

Tell us about Kapow-i GoGo: Kapow-i GoGo is a trilogy of trilogies, set in a world whose bedrock is all your favorite anime and video games, about a girl who grows up and saves the world over and over again. It's a universal story: girl turns 14, girl defeats a mountain monster, girl defeats a space demon, girl defeats an evil mega-corporation... You get the idea.

Describe Kapow-i GoGo in three words: High-octane Gamer Odyssey.

What’s the wildest costume you wear in Kapow-i GoGo?: Probably a toss-up between the torso of an evil mountain monster, and one of the heads of an all-mighty hydra-god.

What’s your favorite all-time afterschool cartoon?: I'm gonna cheat on this one a little bit. There was a brief period in 2003 when the Toonami lineup, on Cartoon Network, was "G Gundam", "Dragonball Z", "Yu Yu Hakusho", and "Rurouni Kenshin". I don't think a finer 2 hours of television have ever been programmed.

If you could be a character from any anime or cartoon, who would you be?: There isn't a lot I *wouldn't* give for Pokemon to be real, so I think I have to go with Ash Ketchum on this one. Or, like, literally anyone from that universe. Because, I mean. Pokemon.

Which company member has the most larger than life personality?: I mean, Amy Jo speaks in accents unironically (and I love her for it), so. There's that.

Which company member is most likely to get lost in this world?: I really admire how cool and collected Colin always is. So maybe him? But he'd get lost in a goes-off-into-the-wilderness-and-returns-years-later-with-even-greater-wisdom kind of way.

Most likely to actually be a cartoon character in real life?: Oh it's absolutely Maddie. She's even more of a muppet than I am.

Most likely to be a super villain?: I can say Steve, right? He's not gonna send his minions after me if I say it's Steve, right?

Most likely to go on an epic journey?: Asia has always struck me as a very open, excited, and interested person, so she'd probably have some pretty sweet adventures.

Who’s the best fighter?: Well Alex certainly *looks* the best. Kid can throw a mean stage punch, people. And that HAIR.

Revenge or vengeance?: I mean, I guess if I have to pick one I'll go with vengeance? But can't we all just be friends~

What would be your victory song?: "Theme of Hero", from a lesser-known J-Drama called "My Boss My Hero". Or "Number One", from "Bleach". Or the "Pokemon" theme song (but the version from the first movie, not the anime). Or, or, or. This question is too hard.

What is your signature move?: BIG SMILE :D

What’s the biggest inside joke at Kapow-i GoGo?: "Guys, who can help get this prop/dead body offstage?"

What is your favorite moment in Kapow-i GoGo?: Oh god. There's this one very climactic and super awesome moment in episode 6 that I love beyond anything else but I DON'T WANT TO GIVE IT AWAY

Why should we come see Kapow-i GoGo?: Because it's like living inside a Saturday morning cartoon.