Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Princess Diaries with...Erin Long

Name: Erin Long

Education: Shenandoah Conservatory – BFA Musical Theatre Class of 2013! Woo!

Hometown: Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

Tell us about Royal Fables: Royal Fables takes a closer look into the stories and princesses we all know so well or at least think we know so well…

Describe Royal Fables in three words: Creative, enchanting, semi-dark

Who do you play in Royal Fables?: Thumbelina!

Describe your character in three words: Hopeful, spunky, Earthy? (She just loves nature!)

True love is _____?: Spending your life with your best friend.

The best thing about playing a princess is ______?: Living out a childhood dream. I was obsessed with the animated version of Thumbelina growing up.  I probably watched it 4 times a week…

Who is your celebrity Prince Charming?: Gonna be cliché and say Prince Harry?

If you could be any fairy tale princes who would you be?: I love Thumbelina, but I am gonna have to go with Ariel. I am a water girl and love swimming.

Which company member is most likely to be an actual princess?: Sarah Treanor, who plays Ariel in Royal Fables. She has those beautiful “princess” eyes!

What would be the most played song on your princess’ iPod?: “Free” by Zac Brown Band or “Follow Your Arrow” by Kacey Musgraves

What is your favorite moment of Royal Fables?: “The Night Goes On” – such a fun ensemble number!