Monday, October 27, 2014

The Princess Diaries with...Catherine Ang

Name: Catherine Ang

Education: New York University (Class of 2017)

Hometown: Cupertino, California

Tell us about Royal Fables: The princesses that you though you knew lay their deepest desires and fears all on the table!

Describe Royal Fables in three words: PRINCESSES GET REAL

Who do you play in Royal Fables?: Sleeping Beauty

Describe your character in three words: Desperately needs coffee

True love is____: When you and your boo can live like hermits but still find all the adventure in the world through each other's company

The best thing about playing a princess is____: Having fluffy animal friends

Who is your celebrity Prince Charming?: Ben Wyatt (Parks and Rec)

If you could be any fairy tale princess who would you be?: Mulan

Which company member is most likely to be an actual princess?: WE'RE ALL PRINCESSES INSIDE but probably Erin (Thumbelina) because she's perfect.

What would be the most played song on your princess’ iPod?: "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire

What is your favorite moment of Royal Fables?: When the Beast is revived - MUCH FEELS