Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Photo Diary: Backstage at Short Life of Trouble with Michael Markham

We asked Short Life of Trouble's Michael Markham to give us a inside look at what goes on behind the scenes at the Access Theater!

"Producer and actor Joseph Parks"

"Suzy Kohane, getting into character. Apparently Gertrude is afraid tonight."

"Just a friendly fight call"

"Shakespeare never fully understood Hamlet's relationship with the San Antonio Spurs"

"Eric thinking about notes"

"I swear Greg naturally finds the most dramatic lighting"

"Writer/Adapter, Producer, and Actor, Valerie Redd, chattin' with the director"

"Sheila made me take this picture"

"Well we've all been there"

"Sexy Bartender. I be we move some booze tonight."

"John is always so disappointed."

"The warm glow of LED's in a plastic sheath.

"I only have a couple notes"

"What did I tell you about the dramatic lighting"

"OOOOOOO I'm really scared!"

"Good job John"

"Goofing aside, John knows how to work"

"Hi Andy!"

"Don't mind me"

"Insert dramatic caption here"

"Now about my tie..."

"Even when getting notes, Greg finds the dramatic lighting"

"Just a little pre-show music"

Please drink our booze"

"Sheila's rapper name is Little Joon"