Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Gospel According to...Justin Ahdoot

Name: Justin Ahdoot

Hometown: Alexandria, VA

Education: BFA in theatre-performance from Virginia Commonwealth University

Who do you play in The Mysteries?: Kenny and Mathias

Tell us about The Mysteries: The Mysteries is a series of episodes based off the original medieval versions from the Bible. It covers the main stories from creation to judgment day. Each episode is written by a different playwright, along with transition material, and full of songs arranged by our excellent choral/music director David Dabbon.

Describe The Mysteries in three words: Club Bible Rager

What's the wildest costume you wear in The Mysteries?: Red women's pants that hug my butt/junk too tightly.

If you could be anyone from The Bible, who would you be?: David from David and Goliath

Which company member is most likely to actually have lived during Biblical times?: Rory Kulz

Which company member is most likely to be the Messiah?: Kara Kaufman or The Bovinator/Bovination/Boveeezzyy/Matt Bovee

Most likely to become an angel?: Adelind Horan

Most likely to hear voices in their head?:
Peter "Sansbar" Sansbury

Who's the most spiritual?: Asia Kate Dillon

On the 8th day god said_____: Light it up Baby!...Bum bum bum, BUM BUM, bum bum bum...aaaahhh Louuiiee Loouuuaaaayyyy

Are you going to heaven or hell?: I'll probably shoot the shit with people in purgatory, then try and make God laugh so he will let me in.

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins are you?:
Pride....Lawwwd knows I needa let it go.

What's the biggest inside joke at The Mysteries?: Everyone farts because we eat Falafel every night. "Make way for the tony winner...and grammy" "hey man you coming out after the show?-- Nah man I got to go to Broadway Junction"

What's your favorite moment from The Mysteries?: When all the Angels come give me some Looooooveeee

What is the most rewarding part about being a member of The Mysteries?:
The ability to have met so many different people from all over the map and just share in these stories. It takes a village, and we are a full village. There are so many pieces to the puzzle, that it makes you want to give your best because in order for the machine to work well, it takes every piece doing their duty.

Why should we come see The Mysteries?:
Above all you should come because of The ANGEL CHORUS. 18 members (16 female, 2 male) sing over 15 songs in the show. Each song is captivating, endearing, epic, wonderful, exciting, and gets your heart and soul moving. I sing their songs every single night backstage and after the show.   You will NEVER SEE A SHOW like this. There is pure humanity in the play. I guarantee there is a line that will make you think after you leave. There are so many lines that Lucifer says that have made my head spin. Stories I have grown up hearing from church, synagogue, or relatives, or friends and here are wonderfully portrayed perceptions of the same stories that make you THINK! They make you LOVE, and they make you grateful for what we have, right at this moment. Come take a look, you won't be disappointed.