Monday, May 26, 2014

Photo (and Video) Diary: Backstage at The Mysteries with Julie Ann Earls

We told The Mysteries' Julie Ann Earls to give us a sneak peek backstage at their epic show and this is the result. Not only do you get pictures, you get a VIDEO! 

"Angel Hair"

"Anna Dart"

"Anya Gibian"

"Apostle Love"


"Bloody Christ"

"Bloody Christ 2"

"Cats Eat Falafal Too"

"Eliza Simpson is the Prettiest of Them All"

"Green Room"

"I Woke Up Like Dis"

"Kyle Hines is Sleeping"

"Kyle Hines is Sleeping 2"

"Julia Anrather Watches Over All Of Us"

"Kara Kaufman (Our Actual Messiah)"

"Kyle Hines Loves to Play the Melodica"

"Kyle Hines"

"Last Supper Party"

"Lindsley Howard"

"Little Jessie (As Opposed to Big Jessie)"

"Matt Stango is Always Watching the Game"

"Shh Xan is Sleeping"

"Brittane the Bully"

"Kyle Hines is Sleeping"

"The Angels"

"Old Joe"

"Plank It Out"

"PTT and Sam Garber"

"Tyler Gardella and the Rad Angel"

"The Bajillion Gazillion of Us"