Friday, April 4, 2014

Round Up Time with...Alex Kramer

Name: Alex Kramer

Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

Who do you play in Little Mac, Little Mac, You’re the Very Man?: Ronald Reagan, Henry Ford, Michael Jordan, and Marisa Tomei.

Tell us about Little Mac, Little Mac, You’re the Very Man: It's so many things all at once. Kind of hard to even put the whole thing in words. You really have to see it. I mean there are elements of a South Park or Team America kind of vibe but also it draws on Brecht's Threepenny Opera in different ways. So how do you really describe that succinctly? It's a mashup of all things America. All these different historical and cultural phenomena and characters balled up into a hilarious show.

Describe Little Mac, Little Mac, You’re the Very Man in 3 words: Smart, self-aware, unexpected.

Which company member is most likely to be a Wild West Outlaw?:
Joe Flynn. Without a doubt.

Most likely to achieve the American Dream and/or be rolling in the dough?: Lance Lemon, for sure. I mean with a name like that you can't go wrong.

Most likely to become a future famous pop culture icon?: Sean Patrick Monahan. I don't know why. Just gotta feeling.

Most likely to multiple personality disorder (as a result of this show)?: Matthew George. He plays something like ten characters. Including a singing tree.

Who’s the fastest gun slinger?: Hmm probably Cory Asinofsky. He's perfected the whole swing a gun around his finger and put it back in his pocket thing which I think probably automatically makes him win.

Who’s the best singer?: I'd have to say Sarah Daniels. Check out her cover of For the First Time in Forever from Frozen on YouTube. So so good.

Who’s the most offensive?: Ben Diserens. Only based on a superlatives-esque game we played as a cast the other night. He toed a very fine line...

If you could grab a beer with one pop culture icon from Little Mac, Little Mac, You’re the Very Man, who would it be?: Definitely Michael Jordan. Childhood hero. Greatest of all time. Can't turn down that opportunity.

What pop culture icon do you think should’ve made an appearance in Little Mac, Little Mac, You’re the Very Man?: Rust Cohle. Easy.

Why should we come see Little Mac, Little Mac, You’re the Very Man?: Because don't you want to know why Little Mac is the very man? I mean, come on...