Monday, March 24, 2014

Spotlight On...Peter Staley

Name: Peter Staley

Hometown: Needham, MA

Education: UMass, Amherst Class of 2013 (B.A. in Theater)

Selected Credits: Closer (Larry), Connie Congdon's Casanova (Paolo, Victor, Mariucci, Priest), a new translation/adaptation of a Spanish Golden Age play titled Suitors (Frederick of Poland, Euphrosyne), Machinal (Lawyer for the Defense, Man #2), Stop/Kiss (George) all produced through the UMass, Amherst Department of Theater.

Why theater?: There's really no way to answer this without sounding pretentious or facetious... But it's sincerely the best way I've found to express, inspire and to communicate.

Tell us about The Brink of Us: There's so much to say, but we're enjoying keeping it an enigma. Delaney Britt Brewer has concocted a beautifully eerie exploration of love, friendship, ghosts and human nature. Suffice to say that everyone will recognize some of the good, and some of the bad, of each of the characters in themselves. Also it's incredibly manic, funny and gritty. So, who doesn't love that, am I right?

What is it like being a part of The Deer Players?: I'm so in love with all of my fellow Players. It's just so rewarding to be part of a group of incredibly motivated, talented and hardworking people. We're self-producing and we're all putting 100% into this, so it's amazing seeing what everyone is capable of. Plus they're all pretty easy on the eyes.

What kind of theater speaks to you? What or who inspires you as an artist?: I mean, all (or most) theatre speaks to me in some way, but I respond most to sharp, witty theatre delivered with a silver tongue and an important message. Of all the theatre I've seen and been involved with, I've had the most visceral reaction to South African theatre, especially that of the Magnet Theatre of Cape Town, whose style is heartbreakingly honest and back breakingly exertive. Watching the small company weave intricate tales for social good, while pouring all their physical and emotional strength into their work, is just mind-blowing.

Any roles you’re dying to play?: I'd love to be in Will Eno's Middletown.

What’s your favorite showtune?: "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man," from Showboat. Classic.

If you could work with anyone you’ve yet to work with, who would it be?: Tony Kushner.

Who would play you in a movie about yourself and what would it be called?:
Chris Evans, in "Last to Be Chosen for The Dodgeball Team."

What show have you recommended to your friends?: Twelfth Night, by the Shakespeare's Globe company at the Belasco, led by the dreamy Mark Rylance. Unstoppable and unforgettable.

What’s the most played song on your iTunes?:
I'd like to say it's Vivaldi, but in reality it's probably Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night."

What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?: "Duck Dynasty". Just kidding. Probably "The Vampire Diaries". Ugh, I hate myself.

What’s up next?:
Well, I'm working on a piece with co-producer Julia Piker at the moment. But we'll have to see what The Deer Players dig our antlers into next.