Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spotlight On...Elizabeth Jasicki

Name: Elizabeth Jasicki (but Liz to my friends)

Hometown: NYC but from Lindfield, West Sussex UK

Education: All the usual stuff in England and then Drama school in London.  Later I studied with an American drama coach in London.

Select Credits: Two of the highlights of my career were doing the stage version of When Harry Met Sally in the West End with Luke Perry & Molly Ringwald and when I moved to NYC the first job I got was in a Mike Leigh's play Abigail's Party that was a New York & USA premier at The New Group with Jennifer Jason Leigh which was the most tremendous launch into the city & so much fun to do! Currently the new play Final Analysis at The Pershing Sq Signature Theatre.

Why theater?: First I wanted to be a ballet dancer but soon realized I wasn't born with the right body and it was too much hard & painful work for a short career span so moved across and started signing an acting which I much preferred.  I've done all of the performing arts but I truly love theatre and will always return to it as there is nothing like it.  Being with the audience each night is unique and different each show and getting to play a full arc of a character from start to finish without stopping is so fulfilling no matter what happens during the show and things do happen which is the exciting part!

Tell us about Final Analysis: 1910 Vienna, a cultural mecca – but beneath the frivolity and joy, the city is rotting.  Against this backdrop, six historic figures destined to change the world, meet:  Gustav and Alma Mahler, Joseph Stalin, Sigmund Freud, Ludwig Wittgenstein and a mysterious young misfit.   Final Analysis received its acclaimed debut at The Midtown International Theatre Festival in 2012, where it received an unprecedented 13 award nominations, and won 7 awards. Critics call Otho Eskin's Final Analysis "fascinating…"

What is it like being a part of Final Analysis:
I love playing Alma Mahler as she was such a modern bohemian woman of her day.  Everyone was attracted to her as she had an amazing charisma.  And her relationship with Mahler was very passionate & tempestuous so that's so much fun to play!

What kind of theater speaks to you? What or who inspires you as an artist?: Theatre that makes us think about our lives and throw a light on things in a different way.  It makes us feel more human and not alone in our lives.

Any roles you’re dying to play?: Not really but I just love working with really talented people writers, directors, actors & writers alike!

What’s your favorite showtune?: I'm a huge Sondheim fan but it's so hard to pick just one!  I particularly love Merrily We Roll Along & Sunday in the Park with George.

If you could work with anyone you’ve yet to work with, who would it be?: There are so many, actors & directors I'd love to work with. I did always want to work with Anthony Minghella as I really admired his work & when I met him he was such a lovely person and I'm so sad that opportunity has gone.

Who would play you in a movie about yourself and what would it be called?: Rachel Weisz I suppose although I can't really think about that ever happening!  And I've no idea what it would be called!

What show have you recommended to your friends?: My dear friend Lucas Steele is in Natasha Pierre & the Great Comet at Kazino in West Village and its fabulous!  A rock/pop musical of part of "War & Peace".  But not left to catch I fear…

What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?: Food!  All kinds.  Mu husband and I are both big foodies and each try to eat at great restaurants wherever we go!  We just came back from eating our way through Italy on honeymoon!

What’s up next?: I really don't know as yet with Final Analysis set to go on till October 5th.  I do record a lot of Audio Books which I really enjoy.  But we are off to Rio for a wedding in Nov and until then we've just got a new puppy that I'm trying to train!