Friday, July 26, 2013

Storming the Castle with...Sumire Doi

Name: Sumire Doi   

Hometown: I make myself at home everywhere I go

Who do you play in The Castle: Assistant to the Director

Tell us about The Castle: Soldiers return from the Crusades to find their home completely changed. To win the battle of the sexes, religion and arms, they begin to build the castle. But the castle is not a house. 

Describe The Castle in 3 words: Poetic, disgusting, beautiful

Which company member is most likely to end up carrying a corpse for life?: Jan Maxwell

Most likely to have no opinion?: Everyone in the company is very opinionated…

Most likely to draw pornographic pictures?: Stephen Mrowiec

End up a prisoner?: Aubrey Dube

Be an actual witch?: Robert Zukerman

To get pregnant after 40?: Brent Langdon

Who’s the best builder?:
Noah Berman

Why should we come see The Castle: Because every word is a suffering, but the company brings out the humor in a beautiful but tragic way. It is a colossal play realized by a fantastic company.