Monday, July 29, 2013

Storming the Castle with...Stephen Mrowiec

Name: Stephen Mrowiec

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Who do you play in The Castle: I play Brian, "a builder's mate," and several smaller roles as well.

Tell us about The Castle: The playwright's own subtitle for his piece is more than sufficient for the purpose, I think. The Castle is, in every sense, "a Triumph."

Describe The Castle in three words: Exhilarating, Maddening, Masterful

Which company member is most likely to end up carrying a corpse for life?: Jan Maxwell already carries around the respective corpses of several Tony Voters. She'll show them to you, if you ask nicely.

Most likely to have no opinion?: Goodgal.

Most likely to draw pornographic pictures?: Robert Zukerman knows them when he sees them.

End up a prisoner: I was under the impression I was already a prisoner.

Be an actual witch: I don't like to cast aspersions.

To get pregnant after 40?: It's a private matter.

Who’s the best builder?: This is really a show about demolition..

Why should we come see The Castle?:
This is a masterpiece.