Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kiki Time with...Bonnie Milligan

Name: Bonnie Milligan

Hometown: Decatur, Illinois

Education: The Ohio State University, BA with Honors & Distinction in Theatre

What is a kiki?: A party to calm all your nerves and relax with your friends... preferably, while looking fabulous and dancing away your worries

Tell us about Restoration Comedy: This show has been an amazing experience to be a part of.  Our director, Ed, has a unique vision with such beautiful attention to detail.  He truly knows how to connect with an audience in a way that I've never been a part of before.  This show is the ultimate kiki.  It is a very special experience for both audience and actor, I think.  I love the message of our show, and you can't beat the party we provide :)

Describe Restoration Comedy in 3 words: Sexy bold funny

Who do you play in Restoration Comedy?: Hoyden

What’s the most outrageous costume you wear in Restoration Comedy?: A chastity belt

Which cast member is the naughtiest?: Hmmmm...I dont know.  I'd say we strike a good balance of naughty

Sexiest?: Not gonna lie, everyone is pretty darn sexy

Most likely to deceive?:
No one! I hope :)

What is your signature dance move?: Probably the Chest Pop, or breast flex as I like to call it.

What Scissor Sisters song would best describe you?: “Let's Have A Kiki”

Why should we come see Restoration Comedy?:
It the place to be this holiday season!!  Bottomless cocktails AND actors!  How can you miss that?!?!

photo courtesy of Aaron Zebrock