Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kiki Time with...Anthony Michael Martinez

Name: Anthony Michael Martinez

Hometown:  Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Education: Florida State University, Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Mass Media Studies

What is a kiki?: A kiki is a party that ain’t got no food, it’s only serving moments of GLAMOUR. Lol. 

Tell us about Restoration Comedy?: A Battle of Les Sexes. The story is a beautiful mixture of pure fantasy and raw humanity,  a titillating tale where everyone is turned ON by the prospect of finding love, happiness, and physical connection.

Describe Restoration Comedy in 3 words: AUTHENTICITY.PASSION.LUST

Who do you play in Restoration Comedy?: I am part of the Dance Company ensemble, so that entails a variety of characters from a sexy Whore at a brothel to a rabbler in the country. 

What’s the most outrageous costume you wear in Restoration Comedy?: I am gonna have to say a black thong and black corset..yup...that’s the one. LOL.

Which cast member is the naughtiest?: ME.

Sexiest?: Brantley freakin Brice

Most likely to deceive?: Not a single soul in the cast whatsoeva....;)

What is your signature dance move?: Perhaps it’s me swinging on the pole!

What Scissor Sisters song would best describe you?: “Fire with Fire”.

Why should we come see Restoration Comedy?:
The show is just packed with so many fun surprises from intense dance numbers to blow em’ out of the park songs to provocative plot twists. I also feel that the play is filled with a variety of characters that everyone may relate to and find Joy from.