Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kiki Time with...Alex Coelho

Name: Alex Coelho

Hometown: New York City

Education: Carnegie Mellon (B.S. Mechanical Engineering), AMDA and The Barrow Group (Drama)

What is a kiki?: Besides a party for calming all your nerves?  It is a reconnection to the inner part of you which is damn proud of who he is and is not ashamed to say it.

Tell us about Restoration Comedy: Restoration Comedy is a terrific homage to Plays of the Restoration period with a modern twist which incorporates the audience into the play experience and appeals to both the sentimentalist and nihilist in us.

Describe Restoration Comedy in 3 words: A wonderful party.

Who do you play in Restoration Comedy?:
I am Toby, Sir Novelty Fashion's right hand man.

What’s the most outrageous costume you wear in Restoration Comedy?:
Shoes and a bow tie.  You could also say I wear a book.

Which cast member is the naughtiest?: Greg. I haven't actually caught him being naughty, but I have my suspicions. 

Sexiest?: Steve. He always encompasses his character shamelessly . . . in a good way.

What is your signature dance move?: The strut.

What Scissor Sisters song would best describe you?: "I Don't Feel Like Dancing".  Usually applies to me on account of my terrible dancing skills.

Why should we come see Restoration Comedy?:
There is no other theater experience like it in the city.  It's more of a celebration than a simple play experience.