Thursday, January 11, 2018

Drag365- Show #9: The Brita Filter Show at Hardware

Brita Filter // photo by Michael Block
Day: Tuesday, January 9th 

Show: The Brita Filter Show 

Location: Hardware

Queens Seen: Brita Filter (@thebritafilter), Poppy (@thecolorpoppy)

Poppy // photo by Michael Block
If you’re a fan of drag in New York City, than you’ve certainly heard of this next queen. Within just a year alone, her career has catapulted into stardom. From almost a gig a night to hosting one of New York’s premiere drag competition, and being one of the eight personalities on “Shade: Queens of NYC,” Britia Filter is easily a top tier entertainer. It was only a few months ago that her weekly solo show, The Brita Filter Show, began and it keeps on getting better. As her tagline says, she is anything but pure. She’s loud-mouthed and brazen, and that’s what makes her so special. If you’re at a Brita Filter show and there is a microphone in her hand, be prepared to have tea spilled. She won’t hold back, no matter the topic. Even if it’s with a recent encounter with a shockingly rude queen during another gig. Hell, she even made two big announcements on the stop. First, this is the year she is auditioning for Drag Race! Second, her cohost of the night, Poppy, would be her first monthly rotating guest! While there’s no excuse not to know Brita, you can have slight reprieve if you don’t know Poppy. But now? No more excuses. Poppy is a rising queen on the scene. Having recently been crowned winner of the fourth season of the Ultimate Drag Pageant and Lady Liberty’s Witch Hunt in November, 2018 is the year Poppy breaks through. Looking at her stunning, flawless mug, you’d never imagine the quirky, weird persona Poppy gives in her performances. Her “Do Dogs Have Brains?” remix brought the house down. Her mixes are so good, Brita said she wouldn’t do a single mix with her there.
This week’s The Brita Filter Show was bound to get you drunk. Not only did the Beyonce drinking cues come frequently, but we were graced by a nice gentleman handing out what seemed to be an endless supply of free Jack Daniels shots. He even gave away JD Honey stress balls, which made Brita admit that she was, shockingly, afraid of balls. If you need a fantastic Tuesday night show to attend, The Brita Filter show is it. Brita Filter is on the verge of world domination.