Friday, January 12, 2018

Drag365: Show #10- Drag Swap at Hardware

Jasmine Rice Labeija, Pixie Aventura // photo by Michael Block
Day: Tuesday, January 9th 

Show: Drag Swap 

Location: Hardware

Queens Seen: Pixie Aventura (@pixieaventura), Jasmine Rice Labeija (@jasminericenyc)

There’s no one quite like Pixie Aventura. She’s a high energy dancing diva with on-point comedic timing. Every Tuesday at Hardware Bar, Pixie Aventura hosts Drag Swap with a monthly guest. This month’s special guest happens to be a diva in her own right, Jasmine Rice Labeija. After a sizable discussion about, well, size, the show up and it’s a hoot. Pixie and Jasmine are kind of like high school seniors that are just too cool for school. That energy translates into what makes them a hilarious combo. For some odd reason, Jasmine was told that it was Chinese New Year and thusly wore a dragon mask to the gig. After discovering that the twink told her wrong, the dragon mask lived on top of the curtains and basically became the third cast member of the night as it flapped in the wind. She also wore a Sailor Moon outfit and admitted she had never seen Sailor Moon. It wouldn’t be the only revelation of the night as the crowd exclusively learned the origin of the rat in the toilet story. If you haven’t heard about Jasmine’s rat saga, go visit her Facebook page. Pixie is an exquisite host. Her adaptability and quick wit keeps the energy high. Rather than a dance or walk off, the game Pixie plays with her adoring fans is “Ask the Drag Queen.” In exchange for a shot, you can ask the girls any question and get all the tea. As an interviewer, I had one of my favorite questions lined up and ready to go. I asked “What drag queen that they’ve yet to work with would they like to work with.” Pixie said her was Merrie Cherry while Jasmine said hers was Crystal Demure. Like any good drag show, the evening ended with a drag suicide. Of course I had to put in my request for Yma Suma and boy did Pixie deliver! Jasmine even got to sing live opera. This was a drag suicide like no other.
Drag Swap is guaranteed to light up your Tuesday night. You only have a few more chances to check out Jasmine with Pixie, so make sure you do!