Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Gospel According to...Ricardo Dávila

Name: Ricardo Dávila

Hometown: Puerto Rico

Education: BFA from Tisch School of the Arts / MFA candidate from Yale School of Drama (starting this Fall).

Who do you play in The Mysteries?: I play Jude, one of Jesus’ twelve apostles, and Paul, a certified nurse assistant.

Tell us about The Mysteries: The Mysteries is a theatrical experience like none other that I’ve been a part of. It is an evening of some of the greatest playwrights taking turns telling the story of the bible from the Fall of Lucifer to the Last Judgement, with beauty, eloquence, and grace.

Describe The Mysteries in three words:
Human. Relevant. Moving.

What's the wildest costume you wear in The Mysteries?: It’s one of my ensemble pieces in the second act. It’s essentially just white boxers and a white shawl-like cloth clipped to my head. Simple, revealing, and comfortable.

If you could be anyone from The Bible, who would you be?:
That’s tough, because now I base all my ideas of these people on The Mysteries and if that’s the case then…I’d want to be Lucifer.
Which company member is most likely to actually have lived during Biblical times?: Jon Huggins. Yes.

Which company member is most likely to be the Messiah?:
I mean, Colin Waitt plays Jesus in our production and I would be a-okay with him being the actual Messiah.

Most likely to become an angel?: Kyle Hines! Sweet man with a beautiful voice.

Most likely to hear voices in their head?: Elijah Trichon. That’s a funny thought.

Who's the most spiritual?: I’d have to say Ed. His approach to theater, to it’s creation, and to the inclusion of our audience members is almost sacred.

On the 8th day god said_____: “Well done, me."

Are you going to heaven or hell?: Oh, without sounding too bold, I’d like to think I’m headed to Heaven.

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins are you?: Gluttony. So hungry.

What's the biggest inside joke at The Mysteries?: Ed’s notes are extremely specific and creative. We all want to collect them in a book and publish them somehow.

What's your favorite moment from The Mysteries?: Honestly, it was the social gatherings at Ed’s loft because that was where we all really started getting to know each other, and it was then that I realized what a beautiful cast of people I’m working with, both inside and out.

What is the most rewarding part about being a member of The Mysteries?: I have the best, most supportive, encouraging, enthusiastic cast mates I could ever want on stage with me.

Why should we come see The Mysteries?: It’s full of some of the most beautiful writing I’ve ever experienced in the theater. You’ll leave with just a tad bit more awareness of the beauty that surrounds us each and every day.