Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Gospel According to...Colin Waitt

Name: Colin Waitt

Hometown: St. Cloud, Minnesota

Education: The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, MA; University of Minnestoa--Twin Cities, BA

Who do you play in The Mysteries?: Jesus

Tell us about The Mysteries: It's a joyous, raucous, and surprisingly reverential retelling of The Bible.  If you were to assemble Ed and the full team (actors, writers, producers, associate directors, stage management, designers, etc), I don't think The Flea Theater would have enough seats to accommodate us all at the same time.  The result is a night unlike anything you've ever experienced.  And it's all for you.  YOU.

Describe The Mysteries in three words:
All.  The.  Feelings.

What's the wildest costume you wear in The Mysteries?:
I spend a fair amount of the night in white boxer briefs or a loin cloth.  I'm sure all of my friends who live out of town and will not be able to see the show think my only costume is underwear as  most photo evidence of my performance on facebook is me in the middle of a lot of writhing, scantily clad bodies.

If you could be anyone from The Bible, who would you be?:
Jesus.  What a fucking guy.

Which company member is most likely to actually have lived during Biblical times?: Charlton Heston. 

Which company member is most likely to be the Messiah?: Our stage manager Kara, who calls the 7,000+ show cues from a video monitor in the booth.

Most likely to become an angel?: Leemore.  She already is an angel.

Most likely to hear voices in their head?: A.J. Ditty.

Who's the most spiritual?: This may be the best kept secret.  I have no idea.

On the 8th day god said_____: "Look up from your smart phones."

Are you going to heaven or hell:? Dying on a cross for humanity while covered in fake blood and baby oil five nights a week gets me a free pass to heaven, right?  Or at least a hot tub in hell?

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins are you?: Gluttony.  When it comes to Starburst, at least.

What's the biggest inside joke at The Mysteries?: I can't choose only one: "That exit was like a slow, wet fart." "Andrea, you've made it out from behind the meat curtains" "Get the fuck off the American stage."

What's your favorite moment from The Mysteries?: The end of the Resurrection play is the most empowering and terrifying thing I've ever done on stage.  When I make my exit, I say a prayer of thanks to the playwright, Bill Cain.  It really is a gift.

What is the most rewarding part about being a member of The Mysteries?: I always get annoyed and think it sounds so fake when actors wax rhapsodic about how much they love everyone in their shows, but fuck me I really do love everyone in this show.  You spend so much time in New York feeling isolated, cynical, and with your defenses up.  It's very disarming to be around so many people who are so open and welcoming.  There is so much love.  Nothing but love, in fact. 

Why should we come see The Mysteries?: So you can get in on the love.  Also, HAVE YOU HEARD OUR ANGEL CHORUS????